Why opt for this TOPVISION 3-in-1 collapsible wireless charger?
✔Merging the strengths of wireless charging while mitigating its drawbacks, this magnetic foldable charger stands out as a must-have.
✔Boasting an optimal size, compact and feather-light design, it caters to multi-dimensional usage, ensuring efficiency and convenience. Whether charging for your iPhone, iWatch, or AirPods, this versatile device proves to be an indispensable companion for both daily use and travel, making it the preferred choice.

Kindly Note:
* Please make sure your device is compatible with wireless charging before use.
* Please avoid charging if the case thickness exceeds 2mm.
* When the working temperature exceeds 122°F, the charging will be interrupted to avoid damage to the devices.
* Place your phone on the wireless charger and the strong magnetic will automatically pull it on point.

Product interface: Type-C
charging method: Electromagnetic induction
Charging distance:0-7mm/0-0.27 Inch
Input Voltage: 9V 2.4A / 5V 2A
Compatible Devices: iPhone, iWatch, airPods
Included Components: data cable
Transmission power: 15W/mobile phones, 2.5W/watches, 3W /headphones