🎼Powerful 100W Performance Sound Bar: This TOPVISION 2.2 channels powerful speaker home stereo system takes pride in its exceptional 100-watt output power, delivering captivating sound performance. Its potency fills the entire space, making the sound rich in intensity and depth. Whether you’re listening to music, enjoying a movie, or indulging in gaming, it provides an unparalleled auditory experience. The 100-watt output power takes music and sound to new heights, delivering heart-pounding audio effects that immerse you in the world of music, movies, and entertainment.

📺38-Inch Extended Sound Bar: The 38-inch long soundbar pairs perfectly with your television, creating a flawless combination. The TV display comes to life, while the soundbar offers powerful audio, delivering an immersive cinematic experience. The booming bass and clear highs allow you to feel the excitement of movies, music, and sports. This combination elevates home entertainment to new heights, offering an unparalleled audio-visual feast.

🔊Deep Bass of Sound Bar: This Sound bar speaker is equipped with 2 subwoofers that work like musical magicians, delivering enchanting deep bass. These subwoofers are not just sound sources; they are the backbone of sound effects, adding a thrilling sense of depth to music, movies, and games, immersing you in the magic of sound.

🎶Full-Range Sound: Furthermore, this Sound bar speaker features 2 full-range speakers, ensuring outstanding performance for high and mid-range tones, making the sound quality more full and vibrant. The clear highs and rich mid-range make every note and sound effect come to life, allowing you to feel the emotions of music and the drama of movies. This full-range sound brings you superior audio quality, immersing you in the subtleties of sound and making music and visuals more expressive.