TOPVISION 2.4Ghz WiFi outdoor security camera provides excellent night experience and 7×24 hours HD video, which helps you monitor the house or driveway or garden at night, always keeping an eye on the safety of your home.Note: Only supports 2.4G WiFi, not 5Ghz WiFi.
  • The security camera can App provides accurate alerts through a PIR motion sensor, eliminating false alarms from weather or other factors. The camera is wireless and weatherproof for reliable outdoor use.
  • The Wireless security camera supports two-way audio, allowing easy communication. It also promptly alerts you to any detected motion, ensuring you stay informed about any activity.
  • Offering high-definition video quality and clear night vision, the outdoor security camera adapts to different lighting conditions for consistent monitoring, day or night.
  • With a powerful built-in battery, it operates without the need for constant charging. This feature, combined with low-power technology, offers 2-3 months of battery life on a single charge.
  • The wifi camera supports local storage on an SD card and boasts easy installation. It covers essential features like WiFi connectivity, motion detection, and smart alarms for comprehensive security.