Product details:

✨Description:Children’s doll house, the ideal choice for education and fun! Rich accessories and real scene design, stimulate creativity, interactive games promote social skills, cultivate children’s independent thinking and emotional expression, happy growth every step!

🎀[Doll House Playset]:This open sides house with 2-story house playset measures 16Inch tall by 13.5Inch wide, 20.5Inch length and features 4 rooms, The rooms and the supporting fences can be combined into a courtyard.     The house is semi-open and can be played from multiple angles, Fully Furnished Equipped with 2 play dolls and 1 pet dogs.

🎀[Plenty of Accessories]:The dollhouse contains accessories such as sofa, bed, wardrobe, dresser, washstand, bathtub, cupboard, dining table, (fireplace, swing (TV, computer)), etc.

🎀[Enjoy the fun of Building]:This doll house is completely Autonomous assembled by the child, Children can plan the family area freely Place corresponding furniture, Can build their dream villa during the assembly process, Fully Exercise children’s hands-on ability, imagi, creativity and expression skills.

🎀[Fun Scene games]:Children can freely play in a small world full of infinite possibilities created by themselves, role-play games with friends, explore every room, play with friends in the dollhouse for a day of daily life, how fine and full of fun.

🎀[The ideal gift for children]:This doll house is a great gift for girls: they are every girl’s dream house and every girl wants a gift like this.   You can give it as a gift to girls between the ages of 3 and 10.   Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or Easter, this is a great gift for a girl.

Key Features:

🎀According to age and preference, the princess house can be assembled into 4 rooms, 6 rooms and 8 rooms, etc., or it can be assembled into any villa style.The combination of building blocks and cottage allows children to inspire thinking while having fun, and cultivate their spatial and innovative abilities.

🎀Rich Accessories and Furniture: Each room in the princess castle dollhouse has unique home furnishings, household appliances, slides and other accessories that are easy to move and arrange as you like. The open-sided design for your kids to viewing dolls from a different point of view, which adds to the richness of the dollhouses.

🎀Role-play: A toddler girl mini dolls houses that encourages set up a kids’ dream home. 3 stories, 8 creative rooms of open space to decorate, including family bathroom, sitting room, princess-themed room, dining room.Realistic dolls add a touch of reality and encourage children to role-play.We recommend installing lights for the princess house(Not include), so that the princess house is more warm and look like a fairy tale.

🎀Move right into the doll house and discover a world of possibilities because with dolls. Play on 3 floors and explore 8 different rooms playtime possibilities in every room.Imagine your little princess get up to open the window, dress up, have a lunch, watch TV, walk the dog and have afternoon tea, what a realistic & healthy daily life!

🎀The children’s dollhouse set is not only an entertainment toy, it also has an educational function. By simulating a home life scenario, children can learn basic life skills, such as cleaning the room and taking care of dolls. This helps to develop children’s sense of responsibility and self-care ability.