Trail 8-Person Family Camping Tent


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Trail 8-Person Family Camping Tent

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Trail 8-Person Family Camping Tent

4 reviews for Trail 8-Person Family Camping Tent

  1. Jake

    This projector is worth the money. I use it with my fire rod, and it provides me with a good image within about 8 feet. After nearly two months of normal use, one of my complaints is that I can’t clean the internal mirror. It begins to collect a small amount of dust and appears on the projected image. I have to buy a special screwdriver to disassemble it and clean it. It’s annoying.

  2. Ameesha Tolani

    We put it in my daughter’s room, she thought it was too cool! In terms of price, the effect is very good. The picture is clear and the volume is good. My only complaint is that when I bought the projector, I didn’t realize that I needed to buy an additional adapter to play from my mobile phone, so if I could explain this in some place, it might help other customers avoid frustration.

  3. Antwain johnson

    I hope the chord can be inserted into the wall for a longer time, but in addition, its price is extraordinary!

  4. Jonathan Prickett

    I bought this as a gift for my niece. She likes it very much. She set up a small theater in her room. The movie was very good.

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