TOPVISION X39-1 Foldable Drone

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  • 120°FOV FPV HD Wi-Fi CAMERA: Despite its tiny size, this amazing little drone packs a built-in HD camera allowing you to shoot incredible aerial photos and videos then share them instantly with family and friends. Help you see the world through bird eyes on your phone. You could also wear VR glasses to enjoy the scenery.
  • FPV REAL TIME TRANSMISSION: Drone with camera and built-in WiFi module, help you can watch what your camera sees with a live video and aerial photos in real time on your mobile device via the App, which bring a new perspective to your photos and videos from the air. And the photo and video can be stored on the mobile App, so that you can share it to your friends.
  • HEADLESS MODE & 360° ROLL & ALTITUDE HOLD: Headless mode enables players of any level to fly the drone easily. One key 3D 360° rolling stunts and tricks makes your flight even more impressive. Powerful air pressure altitude hold function allows the drone to hover at it’s current height after releasing the throttle stick, making it easy for you to shoot quality images or videos.
  • AIR ROUTE PLANNING: The flight planning system is based on a flight path control system. Click on the trajectory flight icon and draw a flight trajectory on the phone, the drone will follow the trajectory. You will feel much more flying pleasure, And this will make fly more easier and simpler especially for beginner.
  • FOLDABLE STRUCTURE & DUAL BATTERIES: Foldable and flexible blades make the drone small and portable. With 2 powerful 3.7V 380mAh batteries (including 1 bonus), the mini RC drone support longer flight time up to 12 minutes, giving you a more extensive flight experience.


TOPVISION X39-1 is an intelligent RC quadcopter, equipped with more than 13 kinds of functions. This little bug boasts all the essential features you need. It’s easy to fly, relatively cheap, reasonably durable, and also provides you with plenty of room to grow and progress as a pilot.

It has all the flight features you need in a drone:

120° Wide-angle 480P Camera

-Transmitter Control or APP Control

WiFi FPV Real Time Transmission

3 Speed Adjustment

Emergence Stop

Gesture Photographing

Altitude Hold Function

One Key Start/Landing

Lighting System

Headless Mode

3D Flips & Rolls

-3D VR Mode

3D Flip

Just press the function button and push the direction stick to any side, the drone active a 360℃ roll accordingly. Surprise your friends by continuously performing these rolls for great entertainment and fun.

Altitude Hold

Built in altitude hold function allows drone to fly while its height locked. The orientation of the drone is in relation to the pilot. Great function when the drone is out of sight.

Headless Mode

By using Headless, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. The direction will be the same as your remote controller.

One Key Fly and Land

Tap the fly key, the drone will navigate to the destination and hover, waiting for further commands from you. Tap return on the app or flick the return on the remote controller, the drone will adjust its altitude to the safe level and fly directly home before landing gently.Emergency Stop function enable you to stop flying immediately when the drone is out of sight or control.

Max Flight Time: 12-16 MIN

1 EXTRA batteries equipped. Every TOPVISION battery is made with high-density lithium, which offering a substantial flight time of up to 6~8 minutes. 2 batteries supports 12~16 minutes flying for all your adventuring needs.

LED Lights

The bright LED navigation lights makes easier to tell you the orientation even in the night. Which increased the fun of flying in the night. The Colorful LED lights make it easy to identify the front and back so as to make the quad a great night flyer.

Foldable Drone

Flexible & Foldable ABS plastic aerofoil and fuselage can not only make the toy helicopter portable and palm-sized but also preventing the drone itself or anything else from being hurt or damaged.

3D VR Mode

Switch to “3D Mode” in the App, put your smart phone in the VR headset, you will experience a real-life flight and love it!The amazing 120° 480P HD WiFi Camera will offer you better visuals.

X39-1 RC Drone Specifications:

Motor: Brushed Motor

Camera: 480P

Built-in gyro: 6 Axis gyro

Remote Control: 2.4GHz / WiFi APP control

Channel: 4 channels

WiFi Control Distance: ~ 30m

Transmitter Battery: 3 * AAA battery (not included)

Drone Battery: 3.7V 380mAh Li-ion battery

Maximum flying time: 6~8mins

Charging time: ~ 70mins

What will you get:

*Please let us know if you get an incomplete Item.

· 1 x TOPVISION X39-1 RC Quadcopter

· 1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter (AAA batteries not included)

· 2 x 3.7V 380mAh Batteries

· 2 x Spare Propellers

· 2 x Propellers Guards

· 1 x USB Charger

· 1 x Screwdriver

· 1 x User Manual

47 reviews for TOPVISION X39-1 Foldable Drone

  1. Ed Linn

    So far it is great. But i wish the instruction manual is more detailed. I do have problem connect the drone to my phnoe app. not sure how to connect

  2. Shravan

    The product is good and the drone itself works well . The app needs refinement on iOS as it crashes at times . Also the drone loses connectivity with the controller.
    There are a few good tweaks needed for the product. But overall with my less than 5 days of use , it’s been so far ok. I will have to give it 30 days at least to get the right review out

  3. Diana Tombrello

    Great, easy flying drone. Just right for a beginner getting into the hobby.

  4. Jordan Dent

    Fun to fly. It’s my first drone. Camera app doesn’t work which is frustrating.

  5. Joshua Gordon

    It flies very well and I appreciate how well documented everything is.



  7. Kim Jenkins

    It’s so much fun. It can go inside and outside. It was easy to learn how to fly. The flips are awesome. I am so excited to explore with the camera and to take videos.

  8. Patrick Farrell

    I haven’t used it yet. But I will let you know as soon as I get a chance to use it but I’m trying to activate the camera function and I have to do this first

  9. Kenneth Minkin

    Impressive construction and operation! Even after a few collisions it’s held up great! Have not used the camera yet. I will have to update the review later because I’m still trying to master the controls. Only slight negative at the moment is battery life. I wish individual battery capacity could allow 10-15 minutes of operation but maybe this is because I’m still learning how to control. This should be a blast to set up an obstacle course for racing others!

  10. Christopher Collins

    It’s fun to fly around the house and outside my nephew love to chase it like a dog and the cats love to ply with it trying to swipe it out of the air very fun times!

  11. Brienna Marion Fischer

    Camera is a little zoomed in but works great by husband loves the gift and not bad for the price

  12. Daniel

    I don’t like the fact that if you do joy something it takes a long time to reset, the plastic is a bit flimsy due I have cracked a motor housing already

  13. Weston Vaughan

    I like how its voice activated it’s easy for my kids to use. I also like how you can see where your going by using the smartphone as a camera screen

  14. Michael Novak

    Worked as expected
    One battery would not recharge
    I’m trying to contact service over this issue



  16. Daniel Corfman

    Seems to be really well made especially for the price. Great for learning to use a drone.

  17. John Rodriquez

    lots of extras and options for a great price and fun to fly, great for child or adult

  18. Mayar Jundi

    Great drone for first timers. Easy to use. I had an issue with one piece and the company is sending a replacement

  19. J.A. Wince

    Appears to function as described. Battery life is to short, but that was a known issue, prior to purchase, and as described by the vendor.

  20. Chad Vosburg

    Just learning how to use but need more instructions to explain how to use the app.


    I like it.
    The most annoying thing is the short flight time

  22. Anthony Romero

    This is a decent execution of a good design put together with lightweight materials. I do not expect that it will survive a lot of use by my children, but it was inexpensive. It is a functional drone that responds well to the remote. It is a good introductory drone that should be in the hands of an older child who is over the excitement of just crashing things. I have not been very successful at getting the phone app to work well, but I have not invested much time in that direction.

    The small gold colored caps that fit over the screws that secure the propellers pop off and get lost during the first crash. The batteries last for about as long as advertised (5-6 minutes).

    If you have a crash, make sure that you check that the rotor arms are fully extended prior to starting to fly it again. A crash can partially fold the arm towards its stowage position.

  23. Buddy Carroll

    Just got this and still un packaging it, but everything looks fine so far.

  24. Tawnie miller

    My ten year old loves it. It’s hard to find information. About app stuff for the camera but very good otherwise

  25. Christopher De Castro

    Very compact and great for beginners, camera is good for the price and the design is great! Would recommend!

  26. Zack Morrison

    I have a part 107 license and this looked like a good beginning drone

  27. Darius King

    Love it so much. I bought it for my son birthday and he loves it also. The battery are very good for the price. It was shipped on time and very easy to set up.

  28. Nicole A Miller

    Great little drone. It flips and it flies. Bought one for my nephew as well.

  29. Richard M. Heeschen

    Nice little drone. A little too light and too short battery for serious droning

  30. Robert Neu

    Good at price point. Havent had it long enough. Would be nice if came with more batteries.

  31. Buddy McDermett

    small, light, work in light wind very well. smooth operation, easy controls. manual is a little vague, but i am used to that

  32. Anita Kranz

    It’s my first drone so still figuring it out. Still have to find the app for it so I haven’t seen the camera yet.

  33. David Kerchner

    Seems nice and well made. Haven’t gotten a chance to really use it yet.

  34. Pope Jackson

    Battery seems to die quickly, I will continue to charge and test. Hopefully the extra batteries and charger will extend the enjoyment of the drone

  35. Kyle Canales

    So far so good. I have only used it a total of one hour. I’m still learning how to calibrate the drone.

  36. Robert Wellman

    Controllability is horrible.Even worse when attempting to control it with my phone. I really wish it would work like the video that I saw.

  37. Philip Sauby

    So far the TopVision Drone is working as expected for the size of the drown and the price of the drone.

  38. Ray Mangubat

    The drone is really easy to use which makes it a perfect gift for beginner drone users. Easy to understand user manual, nicely packaged, additional propellers and batteries are greatly appreciated. Three (3) things I want to be improved is the camera’s quality – it needs to be at least 720p as other drones in this category have 720p as a standard, the ability to be able to turn off the drone’s LED lights if not needed especially on a bright sunny day to help with battery life, and the drone’s ability to be able to withstand a little bit of wind/breeze.

    • topvision

      Dear Ray,

      Thank you for your comment. Your suggestion is worthy and meanning for us. We have informed our engineer on these issue.

      Besides, we have activated your warranty. Please feel free to contact us if any problem with the drone. And also please contact our service email for extra battery set for free.

      Waiting for your email.
      Best regards,

  39. Jeremy Hernan Hernan

    Very cool toy. A little more battery life would be nice. Extremely fun. Hard to control with phone connected.

  40. Alexander Bonnot

    As soon as I got the drone, I couldn’t wait to show my wife, my friends, and my coworkers. It’s so easy to control. I wish the camera quality was a little better or that the lens had a wider view, but I thought it was still good for the price. It’s so fun and I just can’t stop flying it.

  41. Brent Olson

    It is a gift for my grandson. I think he will like it. I do hope that it is as good as the reviews on Amazon.

  42. Hector santiago

    I’ve flown other drones and I’ll say this much pretty easy to get up and running and fly just the battery life is the down side

  43. Myron Palomba

    Looking forward to using it with my grand children during the next several weeks. I think they will get a charge out of it

  44. Kiacesee

  45. Joshua Tyler

    I love flying this drone. It’s a good starter drone, and I was able to pick it up quite easily even with no prior experience flying drones.

  46. David Berg

    Product looks good. Easy to assemble. Looking forward to using it today.

  47. Leang Ngy

    Sp far I flew my drone twice and I like it. I like your drone functionalities and so far so good. I’ll be recommended couple of my co-workers who are shopping for drone for their leisure.

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