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  • ★【Easier WiFi Connection—Better than Others】Without any extra expensive HDMI adapter, connect your phone with our wifi HD projector through wifi or USB cable directly, easily project your mobile screen to the big display.(Most projectors do not support Wi-Fi or USB connection.)
  • ★【PERFECT HOME CINEMA EXPERIENCE】TOPVISION 5500L mini projector uses the latest LCD display technology and efficient LED lights, +80% brightness than an ordinary projector. 1920×1080 resolution supported and 5500:1 contrast ratio,which can provide you with vivid images and impressive viewing experience.Not recommend for PowerPoint or other office presentations.
  • ★【Multimedia Portable Projector】This video projector has a variety of user-friendly connection methods,compatible with TV stick, Roku stick, tablets, laptop, USB sticks, TF cards, Chromecast, DVD players. You also can easily connect it to your PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE or Wii to play games with kids, which is the ideal choice for your indoor and outdoor movie or video games needs.
  • ★【BIG SCREEN & BUILT-IN SPEAKER】TOPVISION wireless projector offers a 72-240 inches projection size with a 6.9-22 feet projection distance. Built-in Hi-Fi stereo speakers provide clear well-balanced sound quality and truly amazing sound experience. (Recommended for use in a dark environment, the better)
  • ★【Worry-Free】Register your product after receiving your home projector, you will get 2- YEAR warranty and professional technical support. You can contact us anytime at e-mail, call and our brand website and will be answered within 24 hours.


wifi Projector

Family Movie Night–Go!

Why do you choose us?

(1) The More Stable WiFi Connection on the market:Connecting deivces with this wifi projector through wifi both for IOS and Android with simple connection steps,enjoy free life anytime and anywhere.

(2) The Latest WI-FI Connection Design:This mini projector with its Wi-Fi & USB functionality is perfect for your evening in your backyard with your family. Let us say goodbye to the expensive hdmi adapter and keep the money!

(3) Upgraded to 5500 Brightness:TOPVISION T25 led projector has upgraded to 5500 brightness, advanced display technology can provide very vivid images on the screen, which is 80% brighter than ordinary projectors.

Choose TOPVISION,Get A Better Home Movie Theater Experience!


How to Screen Mirror Your Android phone to this Projector?

1. Select “Source” in the user interface after power on.

2. Turn on the WLAN (WiFi) and the mobile data traffic on your phone.

3. Turn on the wireless projection function in the phone’s status bar or setting page, search “RKcast-XXXX” and click it to connect.

4. Android phone wireless projection is done.

How to Screen Mirror Your iPhone to this Projector?

1. Select “Source” in the user menu after power on.

2. Plug the original data cable of the iPhone into the OUT 5V port.

3. Get “Trust” from iPhone when connecting at the first time, and enter your screen lock password to achieve the projection

4.IPhone to wired projection is done. (Note: Please refer to the user manual for wireless projection)

How to Screen Mirror Your Google Phones to this Projector?

1. Open “SETTING” of the phone and select “Wireless” Connection

2. Search for and select the hotspot emitted by the projector(note: the hotspot name is RKcast-****), enter the password 12345678, and exit the settings menu after connecting successfully

3. Open ” Browser ” and enter the IP Number of the projector into the URL bar.(Note: Please turn off mobile data communication when entering the IP address.)

4. Select “Wifi AP” and then click “Scan”

5. Select your home wireless network and enter the password.

6. A Wifi icon and the name of the wireless network in the connection will appear in the upper right corner of the projection screen after the projector is connected to the wireless network. (Note: Please ignore the prompts “Cannot access this page” and “Cannot connect to network”. Such prompts are normal.)

7. Open the wifi in the Smart Phone settings, then select your home wireless network(The wireless network should be the same as the home wireless network mentioned as step 5), enter the password, and connect.

8. Slide the phone interface from the bottom up to enter the control center, then open “Screen Mirroring”, Select the projector device., it ends here(Note: The projector device is named RKcast-****)


1.Copyrighted videos (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu) must be played through Fire Stick, Roku, Computer and laptop.

2.NOT support Dolby sound. If there is no sound when playing videos like Netflix, turn off Dolby sound.(Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital Plus OFF)

137 reviews for TOPVISION WiFi Video Projector

  1. Beckie Sexton

    Great projector for home use at a very reasonable price!! Highly recommend!

  2. Katrina Strickland

    My first projector, it’s small but works well on the 100in projector screen I purchased. It was super easy to hook up to my phone for mirroring. It has sound but I recommend extra like surround sound or a speaker with an audio cord like I’m planning to do.Also it has an hdmi cord and a couple other different cords to hook your device to it.I really like it and got it for a movie night for my baby 1st baby,it’s bomb asf!

  3. Erica Porter

    I am amazed, how well this project works. I have been using multi days. I recommend this projector . Video though the hdmi is 1920×1080 60hz. The color profile on this better, I would like this for this price range. I hook to the computer and I can clear read text. After buy screen, fill like I am movie theater. I am have test both on live sport Ohio state game and watch the Simpsons.

  4. Edgar

    I thought it was going to have bad picture but it actually not that bad. I would recommend to friends.

  5. Michelle Pires

    The projector ist as loud or bright as I thought it would be but it gets the job done.

  6. Debra Kay Hurbough

    The picture quality is great and I love the fact it is small in size and lightweight.

  7. Sarah Ginn

    The product displays great. I found it difficult to stream from my phone but later realized it was an issue with copyright and streaming services. Overall, a great product.

  8. Rain Sissel

    Difficult to get it set up but works well and has amazing quality!

  9. Kylie Brienza

    The projector was a perfect gift for my fiancé who enjoys watching movies with friends and family in our backyard and on the beach. We have a portable battery pack and plug the projector in to watch movie anywhere. We bought an HDMI cable to connect his android phone instead of using the wifi and it worked wonderfully.

  10. Laszlo Petrucz

    So small but working like a big projector

  11. Karen Schmitt

    Seems durable and easy to use. Compact and great for travel.

  12. Cal Schneider

    I works great for me so far. Easy to connect to my phone and get sound/picture working.

  13. David E Broadbent

    It came really quick, in a couple of days actually. It came packaged nicely and it works perfectly. Easy to set up and easy to work! Fantastic picture. I highly recommend getting one!

  14. Jazzmen Pierre-Louis

    Bought it for my husband as a gift. He likes it so I’m happy!

  15. Jerame James

    I appreciate the high definition and compact design.

  16. Sue Schmidt

    I love how easy it is to use and how good the picture quality is.

  17. Marcela Velez

    It is really easy to set up and compatible with many things


    there is no good sound the volume is too low and no real instructions on how to hook up speakers

  19. Jourdan Truman

    Its pretty good yes good very good

  20. David Caballero

    I’ll enjoy watching movies with my family

  21. Jeanne Thai

    Recently, gifted to a friend, and she is absolutely in love with the top vision projector. She’s excited about using it at every event she hosts with family and friends.

  22. Monica Fletcher

    Clear picture and easy to use!

  23. Steve Wise

    In the limited time I have had a chance to use it it is an impressive product. Compact, mobile and easy to use and set up. I think I am going to really enjoy it for a long while to come.

  24. Michael Ytsma

    Great quality I’ve had trouble connecting through screen mirroring

  25. Marcela Palma

    I love it. It has a great definition

  26. Jeffrey Siu

    TopVision is the lowest priced projector with 1080p in the market.
    Can’t beat the price. Other 1080p can go over $200 easily.
    Easy to set up with clear instructions.
    Quality of video is good for 34 inches to 120 inches projection.
    Need to buy a stand for any projector.

  27. James Moffatt

    Work well, a little burry towards outer frame. But decent for the money

  28. Francisco Fabian Giraldo Suarez

    Excelent product, the relation price quality is excelent.

  29. James d cox

    Could not get it to work rite out the box. EzcAst app not working. Wait to talk with a rep in california.

  30. Stephanie Lombardi

    See product review on Amazon!!

  31. Patricio Cantisani

    Anallely revive. Nice product, beauty design

  32. Ahad Ilyas

    I love the screen. I would share it with my family so I can get it for them as well. I will share the it.

  33. Abhilash patlori

    Amazing pictures quality . Would definitely recommend and I like the size of the projector.

  34. Jeff Pohl

    Just started using it I will let you know later when I have more time to view it

  35. Joy Wakefield

    It’s a great size for portability and the price was very reasonable for feature set.

  36. Nicole Gribben

    Easy set up seems like a great purchase!

  37. Suyash joshi

    I like this product. Clarity is really good with aggressive cost. My family simply love this projector.

  38. mike mullaney

    Great product for the value!! Small and light weight so you can easily pack it up and travel with it.

  39. Michelle Smith

    Great for out on the patio on a beautiful night with the fire

  40. Koba

    very sharp and bright image, good build quality

  41. Nishant Gohel

    Picture quality is really good

  42. Marcus Underwood

    This projector has exceeded all expectations I had when I bought it. The resolution, sound quality, small size, and so many extras (like WiFi) for under $100 simply can’t be beat!

  43. Komulainen Daryl B.

    Exceeds my expectations. Better picture quality than needed to enjoy ~7ft screen size on white wall.

  44. Audrey Concepcion

    Awesome to be able to connect via air play to the device. Looks great in my room and very easy to set up

  45. Jana Lehmann

    It is small and looks easy to use. So far – so good ?

  46. Lucy haybrook

    Great projector!
    We have had this projector for some time and love it! It is so easy and hassle free to pair the projector with your device. We have had several movie nights this fall outside and the kids love it! Crisp and clear picture too!

    Highly recommended!

  47. Ryan Hutchinson

    Ordered due to an offer to review the product for free in exchange for a review. I’ve already used it in the back yard for a night time movie. Worked well with no problems at all

  48. Antonio Greenidge

    The product was shipped fast. Great size and works really well.

  49. Vijayakumar Ramachari

    Compact and light weighted. Picture quality is better than previous version

  50. David Connelly

    The main thing I don’t like is that the focusing is not very good. When I adjust the keystone, I cannot focus on the top and bottom of the screen simultaneously, which seems to me to be aberrations of the lense. I can focus best when there is no keystone. But even then, I notice a difference between the focusing quality on the left and right side of the screen.

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