TOPVISION 50W Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar for TV

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  • 🔊[50W Power & 2 Full-range drivers]This small soundbar is equipped with 50W output power. Paired with your TV, the soundbar creates a louder, more immersive listening experience than through your TV speakers alone. Dual powerful full-range speakers provide HiFi audio, making comfortable bedrooms and compact spaces full of extensive stereo effects.
  • 🔊[Built-in DSP & 3 EQ modes]Soundbar built-in DSP technology ensured sound output is more stable and accurate. 3 Equalizer modes (Music, Movie, News) to match your favorite voice. Movie Mode: You’ll hear every rip and rumble from your favorite action film, with deeper bass and loud, room-filling sound; Music mode Add clarity and pleasant sound; while its News mode pulls out every word and expression from movies or commentary, to ensure that conversations sound crisp and clean.
  • 🔊[Wireless Bluetooth 5.0]Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 can realize fast connection between mobile phone and sound bar, efficient and stable transmission, and strong anti-interference. Pair the soundbar to your phone via Bluetooth to soundtrack your next party, or to set the mood for when you want to relax with a good album in rich, audiophile quality.
  • 🔊[EASY TO SET UP]The Soundbar supports 3.5mm (AUX&RCA) and optical wired audio input, support for use with mobile phones, tablets, TVs, computers, projectors, set-top boxes, etc. Please make sure your TV audio setting to PCM for ARC/optical input before use.
  • 🔊[Stylish appearance & service]This 16-Inch mini soundbar is stylish and compact, and their more compact form makes them easier to travel with or set up wherever you’d like.At the same time, we provide lifetime technical support. If you have any problems with your tv soundbar, you can contact us via Amazon, We will offer you a replacement or refund.


TOPVISION 16-Inch Wired & Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Soundbar Is Ideal for Home Theater.


  • This 50 w soundbar can perfectly amplify the sound output of a TV/PC/phone/Monitors without taking up limited desktop space.
  • The TOPVISION small soundbar is equipped with 2.0 channels, and the 360-degree sound will take you into an immersive space.
  • With its 3 distinct sound modes: Music, Movie, News mode, you can fine-tune your audio to match your favorite sound.



Great To know before buying:

  1. This soundbar needs to be powered by the included power cord that does not support USB power supply.
  2. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
  3. Please aim the remote control at the LED light on the main unit when using the remote control.
  4. Does not compatible with the TV remote and universal remote.
  5. Please set the TV as digital audio output and select PCM output when you use optical connection.

481 reviews for TOPVISION 50W Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar for TV

  1. NoSoup4u

    I was looking for a small soundbar to use with a projector and a 16′ projector screen. This is just what I needed. This produces more bass sound than I expected and it covers a wide area. The box claims it is for small areas, but we’re using it outside and it has plenty of sound for our needs.

  2. Randolph Bunn

    Works great!!!

  3. C Sawyer

    Excellent soundbar for the price! It also has bluetooth capabilities. It¡¯s great! For the price, I couldn¡¯t be happier!!!

  4. Adam Smith

    Just got the bar today and hooked it up. Wow, it took 5 minutes and I was listening to music. I was skeptical at first about it saying it really fills the entire room but it really does. We watched a movie and what an amazing experience. It also has some different modes like Music, news and movie mode. Unbelievable! I would recommend this to anyone. Great price, fantastic sound and super easy to use.

    This soundbar is exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price. The sound quality is great and it fits perfectly with my 42″ TV.

    I honestly feel like the purchase has been 10/10, no regrets and I would 100% recommend to anyone. Great price, ample functionality, and amazing sound.

  5. GINA H.

    This soundbar choice worked out perfectly for my needs. I wanted a simple small compact soundbar that came with all the connective options and mounting tools. It connects to Bluetooth quickly has many options to hardline into any other sound delivery option. It’s light and easy to transport.

  6. MJ

    Sound bar sounds nice and clear, loud enough to hear while vacuuming! Pairs easily to bluetooth, TV and projector. Instruction manual has easy to follow instructions . Very pleased with this purchase.

  7. Quentin

    Sound is pretty loud for such a small unit. You have to tilt the sound bar forward to get the beat sound which is odd (not how the unit is shown in the picture). The remote isn¡¯t extremely responsive¡­ The quality of sound is definitely worth the price!

  8. Jason Madwell

    I love it. It is perfect for a smaller room. I liked it so much that I have already purchased the 36 inch version for another room. Easy to set up and use. Highly recommended.

  9. Jess Sprehn

    Love it! It’s easy to set up, has good sound quality, and fits in the narrow space I have available.

  10. Jess Sprehix

    Love it! It’s easy to set up, has good sound quality, and fits in the narrow space I have available.

    On the other hand, it only has three sound modes, so if you prefer customizing your listening experience, it won’t we as easy to do as with some other products. For me, this is fine, but audiophiles might disagree.

  11. Susan

    Is it a booming surround sound theater speaker….not even close. Does it boost the tv’s sound clearly, yes. Which is what I was expecting, so I am not disappointed. For the money, it is a good little sound bar. Looks nice and does what we need.

  12. Jason W. Madwell

    I love it. It is perfect for a smaller room. I liked it so much that I have already purchased the 36 inch version for another room. Easy to set up and use. Highly recommended.

  13. ian

    I wanted something small and portable inexpensive enough that I could give as a gift to my 9 year old son who is extremely passionate about music, electronics and games (and its soundtracks) – this soundbar fits the bill just perfectly!

    It’s got really good sound, several EQ modes, and most importantly, a plethora of cables and accessories that you can think of. From SPDIF (optical cable) to RCA (red and white plugs) and headphone jack, these accessories are really incredible for the price you pay for this package. This set of cables alone, could cost anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars if you had to purchase them separately. There’s also set of bolts in case you’d like to mount this soundbar against your wall.

    Going back to the sound quality, it gets pretty loud and the sound only starts getting distorted at the upper end of the volume curve, but that’s expected especially for a tiny 50 dollar soundbar as this one.

    I’d have preferred to see some type of smart home integration, unfortunately this device DOES NOT offer any form of Google Assistant or Alexa built in. So I guess that would be a negative when compared to my previous experience with contemporary soundbars around my house, which makes it very convenient to control lights, ask questions, control TV volumes, etc (I have 3 larger soundbars that came with Google Assistant built in and they all work great).

    Another interesting characteristic of this soundbar, is the synthesized voice that speaks whatever you select in the remote control. I personally prefer a completely silent system, but I can see people preferring a more noticeable feedback. Either way, it can be helpful.

    Overall this is a nice portable soundbar that you can use to listen to your favorite Spotify, Pandora, Deezer tunes as by hooking it up to your favorite device, phone, tablet or even computer via bluetooth, headphone jack or even TV set via optical input / output.

    It’s small and portable and I can see multiple uses for it, from a patio to the bathroom to the living room connected to a phone or even a projector, the possibilities are endless!

    I highly recommend this

  14. Customer

    I bought this because of its size. I was skeptical that a small sound bar could create great sound. This little buddy does a great job!! It sounds better than my old Vizio sound bar, and is 1/3 a big! I definitely recommend this to anyone! Great buy!

  15. MJM

    This is a great sounding speaker!! I connected it using the supplied RCA jacks and it worked immediately. The only thing I didn’t like about this speaker is the on light is really bright (green) and distracting. When it is off there is a red light. I put a small piece of black construction paper over it w/tape and problem solved!!

  16. Steve Williams

    Excellent product with great sound!!

  17. Debra Navarro

    Ok but the remote doesn’t work.

  18. Kindle Customer

    I am so happy with it. My TV does not comply with me anymore since i lost some hearing…

  19. Mark Bruns

    The product works as advertised. However, every time you change input or power on/off, it announces it. “Power off”, Power on”. I know what I’m doing. I do not need a loud obnoxious announcement. Please remove from the device functionality.

  20. Michael Honea

    Like I said before….. DWAMN!!!

  21. Alice

    We have a hard time understanding words. Hooked this up and it is much better. Sound quality is great. Only complaint we have, another remote!

  22. Pradeep

    I liked the sound quality of this sound bar. Multiple options such as Bluetooth, optical cable etc I used optical cable to I connect with my tv and quality is awesome.

  23. Steve W.

    Works great and easy setup!!

  24. sheila dolan

    Product is small which is just what we needed to fit our space. Sounds wonderful. Bluetooth works wonderfully too!

  25. drummr

    For the money it¡¯s a great sound bar. I use it for my music via iPhone and for my electric drums. Cool having the remote, easy to set up and use!! Not super loud and distorts a bit at full volume, but perfect for my needs.

  26. mhmike78

    I haven’t used it alot yet,but everything functions as expected. If you are expecting something with alot of bass then this isn’t your speaker. The sound however is clear playing music. The remote does change the song on your playlist on the phone thru Bluetooth as well the volume either phone or remote. If you don’t like the blue light on, it can be turned off by the remote.

  27. Pat Cahalan

    It only works with Bluetooth on my phone. It doesn’t work with the TV which is the purpose I bought it.

  28. Tiffany Prater

    Pretty decent, could be louder though

  29. Ellgy N.

    I have it in the bed room for better listening for tv or movies, playing my usb music.

  30. troy

    I bought the Top Vision TV Soundbar to complement my 32 inch TV that I installed in my RV.
    I’ve used it for about a month now, everything works as advertised. It comes with multiple connection
    choices, which all work great! The Bluetooth has really good connectivity distance, for streaming music etc.
    I couldn’t imagine watching TV without it, it improved the sound quality immensely. I’ve bought products
    from this company before, and couldn’t be happier with their performance and reliability. I definitely recommend this product for it’s quality and affordability!

  31. Roy reeves

    Very good sound easy to install

  32. John Hernandez

    Could be a little louder it us at maximum volume output and still is kinda quiet

  33. Blackspeare

    The TopVision soundbar offers a powerful audio experience in a small package.The audio is crisp with a full range from bass to treble with more than enough volume. This unit will supply superb surround sound. All necessary connection are supplied for all devices including Bluetooth. And there’s even a remote control. We’ll worth the cost!!

  34. Cindy Andrews

    Purchased a few days ago. Enhanced my listening experience. Full rich sound

  35. Theo

    The electronic voice that tells you what mode it’s in is hard to understand otherwise it works very well.

  36. Brittany

    This sound bar was well packaged and came in with all the necessary cable connectors you will be needing (like what you see in the pictures) depending on your needs or preferences. Remote control is very useful as well though battery is not included. It requires two AAA batteries. I bought this because I needed something to connect to our TV in our garage and wanted something that we could also just easily connect to our iPhones whenever we feel like we just wanted to stream music while working out to get ourselves pumped. And it doesn¡¯t disappoint. Sound is pretty robust and rich. Better than what I expected. This sound bar got a surprisingly wide volume range for a small, compact and affordable sound bar. I also love the portability and versatility of this sound bar. Bluetooth capability is such a bonus.
    It¡¯s designed to be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall.
    Also very user friendly. Instructions are clear and well written. It is easy and so simple to install. You don¡¯t need to be tech savvy to be able to figure out how to set this thing up. It¡¯s basically plug and play. Which is another bonus because you can just enjoy your purchase immediately and not worry about the installation at all.
    I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Recommended to anyone looking for a good quality sound bar at a very reasonable price.

  37. Dolores Jackson

    Beautiful piece of electronic, nice size.

  38. Martin Fischer

    Best thing you can do for your tv is get a sound bar

  39. Smtie

    Sounds great and easy to install

  40. jaxcoopmom

    Any time ¡®his¡¯ tv is on all I hear is noise coming from the back of the tv (I¡¯m in an adjacent room) I bought this sound bar to place in front of his tv so he could hear better without blasting the volume. It works! It¡¯s awesome!

  41. Georgia L. Williamson

    Though I¡¯m not very techy, I had this connected in a couple of minutes. Love the boost and quality of the sound!

  42. T. Pitts

    This is a good soundbar for the money. It works great on small TV’s or projectors. We are using it in the kitchen attached to a small TV. The sound is much better than the built-in speaker and works great for music. It is lacking on bass but for the size and money it is a great deal. I like the audio feed back for the modes. I really like the ability to add a small USB drive with music.

  43. Richard Dougherty

    I lovebthe sound

  44. Ann Fausett50

    So I can now hear my tv with some quality

  45. Tyshon

    The speaker overall is nice, but the remote needs better range

  46. Michael Cintron

    Compact and perfect for a small TV and room when the flat screen speakers just won’t do.

  47. Mike in Dallas

    Let¡¯s face it: The small flat screen TVs have the worst built-in speakers due to size limitations. This gives you options via direct wires, optical or bluetooth to help amp up that sound from your TV speakers.

  48. dwr

    Good sound and easy to set up. Perfect for my space. Remote works great.

  49. David Hernandez

    Super easy to set up

  50. Joe Mama

    First of all, for slightly more than $50 you get awesome sound – that’s the important thing. But I’ve never had easier Bluetooth setup and verification which is great when guests take over the music. I’m buying one for several rooms in my home. A great value.

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