TOPVISION 50W Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar for TV

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UPC 704219004001

GTIN 00704219004001

  • 🔊[50W Power & 2 Full-range drivers]This small soundbar is equipped with 50W output power. Paired with your TV, the soundbar creates a louder, more immersive listening experience than through your TV speakers alone. Dual powerful full-range speakers provide HiFi audio, making comfortable bedrooms and compact spaces full of extensive stereo effects.
  • 🔊[Built-in DSP & 3 EQ modes]Soundbar built-in DSP technology ensured sound output is more stable and accurate. 3 Equalizer modes (Music, Movie, News) to match your favorite voice. Movie Mode: You’ll hear every rip and rumble from your favorite action film, with deeper bass and loud, room-filling sound; Music mode Add clarity and pleasant sound; while its News mode pulls out every word and expression from movies or commentary, to ensure that conversations sound crisp and clean.
  • 🔊[Wireless Bluetooth 5.0]Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 can realize fast connection between mobile phone and sound bar, efficient and stable transmission, and strong anti-interference. Pair the soundbar to your phone via Bluetooth to soundtrack your next party, or to set the mood for when you want to relax with a good album in rich, audiophile quality.
  • 🔊[EASY TO SET UP]The Soundbar supports 3.5mm (AUX&RCA) and optical wired audio input, support for use with mobile phones, tablets, TVs, computers, projectors, set-top boxes, etc. Please make sure your TV audio setting to PCM for ARC/optical input before use.
  • 🔊[Stylish appearance & service]This 16-Inch mini soundbar is stylish and compact, and their more compact form makes them easier to travel with or set up wherever you’d like.At the same time, we provide lifetime technical support. If you have any problems with your tv soundbar, you can contact us via Amazon, We will offer you a replacement or refund.


TOPVISION 16-Inch Wired & Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Soundbar Is Ideal for Home Theater.


  • This 50 w soundbar can perfectly amplify the sound output of a TV/PC/phone/Monitors without taking up limited desktop space.
  • The TOPVISION small soundbar is equipped with 2.0 channels, and the 360-degree sound will take you into an immersive space.
  • With its 3 distinct sound modes: Music, Movie, News mode, you can fine-tune your audio to match your favorite sound.



Great To know before buying:

  1. This soundbar needs to be powered by the included power cord that does not support USB power supply.
  2. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
  3. Please aim the remote control at the LED light on the main unit when using the remote control.
  4. Does not compatible with the TV remote and universal remote.
  5. Please set the TV as digital audio output and select PCM output when you use optical connection.

511 reviews for TOPVISION 50W Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar for TV

  1. Michael E. Grimes

    Very nice sound bar for small areas. Purchased this for use with patio TV and for listening to music outback. Does both very nicely. Sound quality is impressive for a 16″ sound bar. Size is perfect for what we needed it for. Connects quickly to Bluetooth. Would buy again.

  2. Dontmesswithme

    Honestly I was shocked to hear the awesome sound this bar put out!
    I didn’t really expect it to sound so great, but it does! So glad purchased this particular one because
    it is very high quality!
    I HIGHLY recommend!!

  3. Lucy

    Value for the money – good quality!

  4. J. Nieling

    I am very happy with this purchase. Small size and good sound at an attractive price. Added to my Flat Screen TV in my RV. Worked out very well. (Several cables included … but no remote batteries.)

  5. Robert

    Perfect for my 32″ kitchen TV


    I purchased this sound bar to be used with the small 24″ TV in my motorhome whose speakers were poor and lacked enough volume to hear over the A/C fan when on. The sound quality is very good, much improved over the TV speakers, but lacks the lower frequencies that a subwoofer would provide. However, use of a subwoofer in my mortorhome would be problematic due to limited space to store when not in use. Compact size fits perfectly under the TV mounted on the cabinet door. The only problem I had was registering it in order to activate the 1 year or optional 2 year warranty, along with a gift when completing the warranty application. Options given were to scan a QR code which opened up a web site which activated a warning as a dangerous website by my Norton anti virus program, toll free number to customer service which dropped the call each time I attempted before being connected to an agent. However, sending an email requesting to activate the warranty finally went through.

  7. John K.

    I purchased this Topvision Soundbar for use with a small TV that has poor speakers. I received the soundbar quickly from and connected it to the tv with the supplied fiber audio cable. The sound is significantly better than the tv speakers and my family was able to hear everything clearly. This soundbar was fairly priced and has worked great so far.

  8. David A. Kessloff

    Big improvement over Toshiba TV speakers. Do not like the red light that stays on.

  9. Grammy D

    Well, it finally happened. The speakers on my tv just weren’t cooperating with my aging ears very well. Accidentally running across this little gem, I hit add to cart This little guy does a great job enhancing the TV’s sound, even with the Grandkids playing in the room, or with the window ac & fans running. The Bluetooth function works great for playing music via my phone, enabling this Grammy to rock on while doing household chores. I also adore the small footprint. Quality sound, reasonable price, and minimal size make this an excellent buy.

  10. vanrose sanchez

    i love this product, it has balanced highs and lows, great price and quality.

  11. Samantha Chancey

    Works great and sounds great

  12. JHC&S

    The product is great. it was very easy to set up and sounds good. Perfect for zoom meetings. Works well with my TV

  13. Ohsomeezy

    Extremely louder than I expected. So worth the buy.

  14. Charles

    I purchased a new TV and quickly discovered, as the manufacturer made them thinner, they also lost the needed room for good speakers.
    I have been pleasantly surprised with the Topvision 50 watt soundbar – room filling sound and absolute clarity – immediately connects with the TV without setup.
    I was not previously familiar with the Topvision brand, but would recommend this product to anyone in the market for a reasonably priced, small soundbar of excellent quality.

  15. Wittsend

    This little sound bar has great sound. Nice bass and crystal clear midrange. Was looking for a little more ump in our smaller TV setup and got it with this inexpensive sound bar. Good value.

  16. Charles Jung

    It is an amazing choice for a soundbar, totally worth the price. It is just the right size, great sound quality and huge volume. I love that I can easily connect to any device. It comes with a remote control and all the cables you might need to connect (which I do not use, because I connect through bluetooth). Totally recommend!

  17. Christine C.

    Excellent sound quality, as advertised.

  18. RV Gary

    I bought sound bar for my RV. RV tvs don’t have enough power to be heard. It’s size is perfect and sound quality is best buy for the money. I can hear when air conditioner is running full blast. Music sound surprisingly good for it’s size.

  19. Bill

    Little speaker and a big sound.

  20. William I.

    Great value- and worked right on hookup. I needed sound- the TV speakers were woefully bad. I needed a soundbar that could accept n RCA-audio output- and this one did. It even came with the cable to make that happen. I also needed one that was A/C (120), and not a rechargeable (on the go). Thiis was a static hookup- needing to be with the TV that was mounted. AC + RCA, and even Bluetooth capable, just what I needed. The remote also was a bonus.
    -So, make sure you have a headphone or RCA jacks (output audio) on your TV, and then get this- and never get frustrated with your TV’s speakers again (you can turn them to “0” Zero even now). LOL…

  21. A. Gift For You

    I bought this for my work area for the television and/or to switch over to bluetooth for conference calls. The sound quality is nice and switching back and forth is easy. I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I’ve been extremely pleased. It’s also compact so it does not take up much room and is very light for mounting. The setup and installation was also a breeze as well. I plan on buying another one for my guest room.

  22. J. H. Bond

    I was impressed with how easy it was to setup. Supplying all the possible wiring hookups was a big plus. My wife is thrilled with the sound. She was complaining about not being able to hear well on the little tv speakers.

  23. James B

    Great bang for the buck here. This is small but mighty and sounds incredible

  24. John

    This Soundbar is amazing. It is small and Wireless Bluetooth. It is very convenient for TV. It makes amazing sound quality especial for playing music and movies. It will bring you a very good sound experience. I love it so much. I really recommend it to people who need it.

  25. Dave Schaller

    Great compact size for our motorhome and fantastic sound for it’s size and money !!

  26. K. Weber

    I bought this speaker for a TV that¡¯s in my kitchen¡­ when we are cooking and there is water boiling, and air fryer, or fan on we were u able to hear our TV. The speaker works wonders and was super easy to connect. The sound is so much better than the TV sound and we have no issues hearing the TV over kitchen appliances with the new speaker.

  27. Justin S.

    We can start off by saying that surprisingly at how small this speaker bar is it really fills the room with spatial audio. Here are some quick facts

    1. Easy to connect, simple Bluetooth, took less than 10 seconds
    2. The remote has the right amount of range.
    3. The audio has enough Bass but not overpowering.

    1. Nothing, it’s the ideal situation for when you need a space saving speaker bar.

  28. Terri SMITH

    I wish there was a bar or graph for volume.

  29. Adam C

    Sound is awesome! And was surprised that base actually rattled my desktop 🙂 super great sound bar and small and compact

  30. Jennifer Blach

    I¡¯ll never understand why they always make tv¡¯s that has the sound point away from the viewer. I bought this little guy to divert the sound so it points at me. The setup is really easy and it comes with cords for every possible audio output. Unless your tv is pre 2000¡¯s, you can be confident it will be compatible.

    Sound quality is exactly what I need for my bedroom which is approximately 20¡¯x17¡¯. Absolutely solid product.

  31. Gary Shine

    I bought to use on TV because or TV is very hard to hear. However , it will not function why is a mystery . We are using on PC instead. Speaker system from PC works great on TV. Go Figure

  32. Sam H

    It’s obviously not going to compare to the more expensive sound bars out there, but it has all the basics you need and decent sound. it’s nice that it has multiple input options
    I doubt there’s really any need for playing music off a USB anymore, but design-wise it probably would have made more sense to make it more accessible, since the back port is basically blocked off once you mount it.

    the black color and small form factor also helps it blend in well with smaller TVs/consoles

  33. Andre

    It sounds loud, clear, and you can hear bass. I’m really really impressed.

  34. James Clark

    The installation was easy and the sound quality is great. a wonderful value for the money.

  35. tammy

    Love the sound enhancing quality, easy set up. On off light ia a bit too bright.

  36. Rikia

    This thing is small but powerful ! Just what I needed without spending a lot of money ! Perfect fight night with this baby !

  37. MastaTheGod

    The remote is good, the sound is amazing, and it is compact.

  38. Danielle Thornton

    It works grate we love it helps with sound very well

  39. cheree russell

    The sound from the speaker is great with our projector! We could not hear it before but now works really well!!!

  40. Bruce A Mohler

    Ordered this for my dad who wanted better sound for his TV. Installation was easy. Sound is acceptable. He is happy.

  41. Denise Vadell

    The inexpensive sound bar delivered good sound at an outstanding price.

  42. Garrett Condron

    This thing is dope for the money has a good amount of bass and it comes with all the parts you need 🙂

  43. Ashley

    I love it! I do wish is was alittle louder but it¡¯s great for my size apartment.thanks

  44. Cris

    This is a good speaker/sound bar that comes with all the cables you might need to connect it to a TV or other device that doesn¡¯t have Bluetooth connectivity.

    I bought this speaker to play music while I work out in my garage. The volume is more than loud enough and sound quality is good. Set up was easy. The remote works well and comes in handy when I want to adjust the volume or hit mute.

  45. Val

    I got exactly what I ordered and definitely am happy with this purchase. I would recommend this for anyone.

  46. Legit

    Recommend! Works as advertised; decent price; compact size delivers nice, clear sound. Recommend only for small rooms/areas since it doesn’t get very loud. Works perfectly for my small workout area. Downside:
    Annoying, difficult to understand sound bar voice; and remote control however, came with broken battery cover. Hoping seller will provide new rc or cover.

  47. Tbilisi

    We travel a lot and this is perfect for use in rentals. Has everything you need to use it anywhere. Plus, when we lost the back of our remote, they sent us a new one from China. Their customer service are terrific.

  48. Cynthia J. Griggs

    The sound quality off this little thing is superb!!! I have a couple of larger, much more expensive sound bars on larger tv’s and this one sounds as good or better than the others. Highly recommended.

  49. SunnyJo

    It is great for its size and sound is good for a small room and sound is nice and clear.

  50. gemma

    I was able to connect this soundbar easily and it sounds very good. Much better then the TV speakers. The connection options are good to have as well.

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