TOPVISION 50W Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar for TV

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UPC 704219004001

GTIN 00704219004001

  • 🔊[50W Power & 2 Full-range drivers]This small soundbar is equipped with 50W output power. Paired with your TV, the soundbar creates a louder, more immersive listening experience than through your TV speakers alone. Dual powerful full-range speakers provide HiFi audio, making comfortable bedrooms and compact spaces full of extensive stereo effects.
  • 🔊[Built-in DSP & 3 EQ modes]Soundbar built-in DSP technology ensured sound output is more stable and accurate. 3 Equalizer modes (Music, Movie, News) to match your favorite voice. Movie Mode: You’ll hear every rip and rumble from your favorite action film, with deeper bass and loud, room-filling sound; Music mode Add clarity and pleasant sound; while its News mode pulls out every word and expression from movies or commentary, to ensure that conversations sound crisp and clean.
  • 🔊[Wireless Bluetooth 5.0]Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 can realize fast connection between mobile phone and sound bar, efficient and stable transmission, and strong anti-interference. Pair the soundbar to your phone via Bluetooth to soundtrack your next party, or to set the mood for when you want to relax with a good album in rich, audiophile quality.
  • 🔊[EASY TO SET UP]The Soundbar supports 3.5mm (AUX&RCA) and optical wired audio input, support for use with mobile phones, tablets, TVs, computers, projectors, set-top boxes, etc. Please make sure your TV audio setting to PCM for ARC/optical input before use.
  • 🔊[Stylish appearance & service]This 16-Inch mini soundbar is stylish and compact, and their more compact form makes them easier to travel with or set up wherever you’d like.At the same time, we provide lifetime technical support. If you have any problems with your tv soundbar, you can contact us via Amazon, We will offer you a replacement or refund.


TOPVISION 16-Inch Wired & Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Soundbar Is Ideal for Home Theater.


  • This 50 w soundbar can perfectly amplify the sound output of a TV/PC/phone/Monitors without taking up limited desktop space.
  • The TOPVISION small soundbar is equipped with 2.0 channels, and the 360-degree sound will take you into an immersive space.
  • With its 3 distinct sound modes: Music, Movie, News mode, you can fine-tune your audio to match your favorite sound.



Great To know before buying:

  1. This soundbar needs to be powered by the included power cord that does not support USB power supply.
  2. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
  3. Please aim the remote control at the LED light on the main unit when using the remote control.
  4. Does not compatible with the TV remote and universal remote.
  5. Please set the TV as digital audio output and select PCM output when you use optical connection.

507 reviews for TOPVISION 50W Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar for TV

  1. John Newman


  2. Emma Varga

    Love this sound bar! Music sounds great and watching movies sounds so much better!

  3. Randal Lieungh

    I like it for mainly my tv but I can use it anytime outside with my phone.

  4. Ian Oroceo

    Not being racist but the voice over when changing modes, it took me a while to understand the pronunciation

  5. Cynthia Marks

    Love it! Great sound perfect for me!

  6. Tyriq

    Recently received the item today, will definitely let you guys know how I feel when I actually use the sound bar.

  7. Matthew Green

    Small but great sound. I would definitely buy this product again.

  8. Lori Walker

    I like the size and the color. The price was good. Though the sound from TV was staticky. The sound blue toothed in from my phone was decent.

  9. Cindy Bennett

    Makes it where I can hear my tv really good over the fan and a/c running. Great product for the price.

  10. Cindy Bennett

    Makes it where I can hear my tv really good over the fan and a/c running. Great product for the price.

  11. Johannis Mouzakitis

    For its price it is a very good product

  12. Christopher Ramb

    I just got it and have not opened it

  13. Donna Puleio

    Far easier to hear TV over the sound of exercise equipment

  14. Vuong Tran

    Sounds GREAT!! Remote and bluetooth both work from really far away from sound bar.

  15. Patricia Helms-biddle

    Product is very easy to set up. Instructions were easy to follow. For a 16 inch soundbar it has a clear crisp sound. I am very impressed with quality and price.

  16. Monica Drummond

    I really like that it came with all the wires and the instructions have been good so far!

  17. Nanci Altman

    Easy to set up, love the dice and quality

  18. Jennifer Lee

    Great soundbar for the price!! I have a Samsung in the living room and this soundbar is just as good and sounds great— not too much for the bedroom tv and also a great size – not too big. Five star and would highly recommend

  19. Gene Whitehead

    Perfect size. Not as powerful as expected but solid

  20. Luis Arjona

    Well I’ve not been able to listen to it. I need technical support assistance please. If it’s supposed to be wireless why do I have to connect wires to it. Sorry but I’m a bit frustrated


    Very nice and compact the sound is awesome I like you can mount it or use it anywhere in the home it was very easy to hook up and I also like the Bluetooth to connect to my home app and phone

  22. Cheryl Doucette

    I have a problem hearing, this sound bar is exactly what I needed to perfect the hearing from the TV so I could hear it so much better! It’s perfect!

  23. Yaritza Perez

    So far sounds great and works great. Worth the money so far.

  24. Stephen Blair

    Great sound. Perfect fit for our RV

  25. William Love

    Much better sound than the TV speakers. I have crapy hearing aids but the sound bar really helps.
    The LED needs a dimmer switch.

  26. Amber Smeal

    I can get it to work with my Bluetooth but not my tv

  27. Shanna Kelly

    Love this sound bar! Bought it for in our living room to give us a little more volume for our television. For the price it is definitely worth it!

  28. Glenn Chon

    Left portion is noticeably louder than right

  29. Mason S.

    Easy hook up. Even included different types of audio cables for different types of hook up. Small but powerful

  30. Bill Mackintosh

    I purchased this earlier this month and received it about 10 days ago. I must say the sound is excellent on this soundbar. I have it hooked up to my computer to use as a speaker there primarily but it will also connect to your phone (or other device) via Bluetooth.

    The sound quality is very good, especially considering the soundbar’s small size. The bass response is great and the midranges and highs are as well. Listening to music on it is a joy!

    It comes packaged very securely in the box and comes with a variety of connection cables including a TOSLINK (fiber optic) cable, a 3.5 – 3.5mm headphone jack cable and an RCA – 3.5mm headphone jack cable and of course the power supply to plug into the wall. You also get wall anchors and screws should you wish to wall mount it under your TV / computer monitor.

    For a less than $60 soundbar (I paid a slightly more than $50 but as of the time of this writing there is a 20% off coupon and it’s listed at $53, so you should be able to get it for less) if you are looking to boost your TV or PC speaker experience I’d highly recommend this one.

  31. Ken

    I’ve had this a while now. I wanted something small and this fit the bill. Good volume decent sound. Better than a flat screen speaker at a great price. Bluetooth works good for music and gets pretty loud. The remote selections are a little hard to figure out except for when it says bluetooth. I would buy again for the price of around $50.

  32. Deborah Oliver

    I couldn’t hear things on tv, especially if there was a lot of background noise or British voices. Though the sound bar is not made for this particular problem, it worked like a dream. I looked everywhere for reasonably prices headphones and just couldn’t find what I wanted for a low price. This sound bar only cost $50 and it’s much better than the head phones would have been. Of course, it also does the other stuff it claims, like superior sound quality.

  33. Michele Le

    It helps with being able to hear what the people are saying on tv a lot clearer instead of just the music and explosions drowning out the talking.

  34. Mkle

    It helps with being able to hear what the people are saying on tv a lot clearer instead of just the music and explosions drowning out the talking. optical cord wasn’t working for me but maybe it was something wrong with my tv. Used the RCA cable they provided instead.

  35. Shirse

    used for tv with broken speakers

  36. RS

    Most of the time it¡¯s hard to hear our TV in our RV so I¡¯ve been looking for a small sound bar for it. I¡¯ve bought other products from Topvision and have been very happy with them. When I saw they made a small sound bar, I was willing to give it a try.

    Am I happy with it? Absolutely. The sound is great and has several ways to plug into a TV. I¡¯m actually using the headphone jack in the back of my TV for audio. It¡¯s also nice that I can quickly switch to Bluetooth and play music from my phone. One other little great surprise is there is a dedicated button on the remote that turns off the front LED so that it doesn¡¯t shine at you while watching TV.

    There are a couple things that could be improved. Neither of these are big deals but are the only things that would make it perfect for the price I paid. The first is that on Bluetooth the volume doesn¡¯t sync with my iPhone volume like a lot of devices do making you have to adjust volume twice, or just max one out and adjust with the other. The second is there could be a little more refinement with the voice prompts when changing settings.

    Again, for the $45 I spent I¡¯m very happy with this sound bar and Topvision.

  37. Derek

    Sounds very good for a budget soundbar and is small enough to place practically anywhere. Bought this for my daughters room and she loves it.

  38. johnhirvin

    great little sound bar….using it in our master bedroom.

  39. Mike

    Little sound bar that has great sound

  40. Christopher L.

    I purchased this sound bar to mostly use in my bedroom since the built in TV speakers sound very tinny. I also wanted to occasionally use it with my projector that I purchased for outdoor use. So, I needed a smaller, more compact unit so it can be portable.
    There are many to choose from, but I decided to give this one a chance since it got good reviews, and it was an ¡° Choice¡± model. I¡¯m glad I did because it has very good sound considering the low-price tag. It works perfectly for my needs and has clear powerful sound (which I didn¡¯t expect based on its size) and more bass than you would expect for its tiny size. The remote control is clearly labeled and easy to use as well. The dynamic range isn¡¯t the best, but I have to be reasonable with my expectations, of course I can¡¯t expect it to compare to a $800 Sonos bar.
    I put it in ¡°movie mode¡±, and used it with my projector outside to watch a movie with a small group of friends. It was definitely loud and clear enough to comfortably watch a movie. Everybody enjoyed it, so I have to say, it¡¯s definitely well worth it for the price.
    The LED seemed a little too bright, but thankfully I was able to shut it off with the remote. That was a nice surprise!
    The one thing that annoyed me was that the remote didn¡¯t come with batteries, and of course, I ran out of AAA batteries! I took them from another remote that I had, so I was able to use the speaker for the time being. It¡¯s not too much of a big deal, but figured I would mention, so if you purchase it you can be ready with batteries.
    I attached photos, to give a feeling for it¡¯s size, and to show the build quality and nice looks (if that¡¯s important to you). I think it looks excellent in my room and blends well.

  41. dwskwared

    I just recently purchased this sound bar and was really happy with the quality especially for the price. I had it for just a few days and one of my dogs decided to chew up the remote! I contacted the company and told them what had happened. They responded well within 24 hours and asked for my order number and shipping address and said they would send me a new remote! I got a notice today that it has shipped and should have it shortly.

  42. Jose Barajas

    I would like to have more Bass

  43. Opal Toms

    It took me a few tries to get it to work on my older Visio TV. I had to use the optical cable, which came included. Then it worked good and was simple to set up. It has good clear sound and adds a nice touch to my TV’s speakers.

  44. anna alvarez

    This thing is impressive! Using it in a bedroom is perfect and the sound is great. Extremely easy to set up too!

  45. Ron

    Price & availability

  46. Daniel Sawyer

    It’s great! For the price, I couldn’t be happier!!!

  47. Beckie Olexey

    The sound is very clear and I like the multiple connection options as well as the equalizer options.

  48. The Anderson Family

    Bought to use with 2 televisions in living room. Remote doesnt seem to work properly all the time which is concerning. Quality seems to be sturdy. Its compact so easy to place. It does not sit flat with connections secure so it does have to be installed somewhere or propped up on 1 side.

  49. ram dude

    Didn¡¯t work with my Westinghouse TV.

  50. Beckie Olexey

    The sound is very clear and I like the multiple connection options as well as the equalizer options.

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