TOPVISION 4K WiFi/Bluetooth Trail Camera

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  • ?[Bluetooth WiFi Connection & APP Control] The trail camera is equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi connection functions. You can preview the picture or video that the trail camera is shooting in real-time on the mobile APP, and control the camera remotely. More options for preset or custom settings to maximize your camera for your conditions. NOTE: As the app is being updated, the app cannot be found on Google recently, please contact us.
  • ?[4K Lite Video Resolution & 24MP Clearer Photo] 4K LITE Video Resolution & 24MP Clearer Photo: The trail camera can capture 24MP crisp images and 4K LITE videos, it provides color photos during the day, and black and white photos at night.Night vision mode to help track more reclusive nocturnal animals like owls and badgers. The night vision mode uses an infrared flash that won’t alert most woodland critters so you are able to capture footage of their nighttime habits.
  • ?[Lightning-0.2s trigger speeds] Once detecting the movements(the small animal activities like a squirrel can also be detected), the game camera will be triggered instantly in 0.2s without delay, the trigger distance is up to 20m(65 feet). The shutter speed of 0.2 seconds is pairs well with its burst photo mode that shoots up to 3 photos back-to-back. You would never miss any breathtaking moments.
  • ?[120° Wide Angle & IP66 Waterproof] A wide detection range of 120 degrees allows you to capture a wider range of wonderful scenes of wildlife. The rugged camera case is IP56 waterproof and dust-proof, it ensures your hunting camera can shot videos in rain and desert.
  • ?[Multiple Applications & Satisfied Customer Service] Equipped with a 2.4-inch screen, it is convenient for you to view pictures and videos and change settings. In addition, this trail camera has a timestamp, including date/time/temperature, timing or interval shooting, Realtime Replay, password setting, etc., more features will bring you unexpected surprises. If you have any problems with your trail camera, you can contact us via Amazon, We will offer you a replacement or refund.







WIFI Connection and APP Control

Download the APP on your phone to connect with WiFi and control the camera. You can preview the picture or video that the trail camera is shooting in real time on the mobile APP, and control the camera remotely.

The effective distance of Wifi connection is up to 10 meters.

24MP Photo and 4K Lite Video

24MP picture and 4K Lite Video resolution can help you captures every wonderful movement of animals, allows you to enjoy the wonderful animal world through super crystal pictures.

0.2s Fast Trigger Speed

Equipped with PIR sensor, the hunting camera will trigger instantly in 0.2s without delay when the movements is detected, you would never miss any breathtaking moments and the trigger distance is up to 20m(65 feet).





Advanced Infrared Nigh Vision

Featuring with 38pcs 850nm Black IR LEDs, the LEDs emit little light which make sure to catch any moment even at dark night, without scaring animal away. The night vision up to 20m(65 feet ).

120° Ultra Wide Angle

A wide detection range of 120 degrees allows you to capture a wider range of wonderful scenes of wildlife.

This game camera has 3 PIR sensors. The PIR sensors sensitivity can be adjusted to low, medium, high.

2.4” LED Screen

Equipped with a 2.4-inch screen, which is convenient for you to set camera parameters and preview pictures and videos in real time.

The wifi trail cam need use disposable 8*1.5V AA LR6 alkaline batteries.(Not include).





Wildlife Monitoring

The trail camera can help you detect wild animal behaviors, knowing more secrets about wildlife.


The trail camera will be the best helpful assistant to track wild animals for hunters.

Home Security

You can also use the game camera to monitor your home and office to protect your safety.

Farm Burglar

The trail camera can be used as a monitor of your farm to help you detect thieves or stray animals,protecting your farm safety.

252 reviews for TOPVISION 4K WiFi/Bluetooth Trail Camera

  1. GrandpaJake

    I have run some tests during the daylight and the camera has done well with Video and Photos. I will be running more tests over the next week and will update my final review at that time.

  2. K

    Works very good for my first one.

  3. john david willett

    I have 3 of these cameras up watching a construction area. I like them very much.. A little dissappointed at the night vision quality. Overall I would recommend.

  4. DL

    Works good, as described

  5. ks10

    Package arrived quickly. Was easy to use and test. Pictures are very clear.

  6. Cecil

    Game camera has taken a about 13,000 pictures now and it works well.

  7. Mel

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. It was super easy to set up and use. The pictures are great! The Wi-Fi makes it so easy to access pictures. I recommend this product.

  8. Bradley Maus

    Greta camera. Strong construction and easy to use. Love the WiFi to the phone!!! I recommend a large memory card

  9. Babs Miller

    Even though we live in a large metropolitan area we have had problems with night time animals damaging our property. Installed the camera, identified the problem animals and were able to solve the problem safely for all involved.
    The camera does not come with a micro SD card or 6v/ 115amp cord to plug camera into an alternative electrical source. But neither of these present a major setback and we were able to set the camera up with ease and it worked just as we needed.

  10. DMB

    I bought 2 of these units and 1 died within a month.

    UPDATE: Manufacturer has provided a replacement camera under the warranty. I appreciate their actions to fix this issue.

  11. c

    All features are as advertised but I needed wifi too. This unit does not have wifi.

  12. Stephanie Ansel

    Love it! No problems! Good pics!

  13. G. D’Annunzio

    The wife and I recently moved to a new house with a big beautiful back yard. It¡¯s in a suburban area but it backs up to an undeveloped piece of land, so there is a good amount of wildlife. Everything was great until a few months after we moved in when we started noticing a lot of weird wildlife activity. We first had some animal make little holes in the pots where we were growing plants and vegetables. Then the real problem started, a lot of holes appeared in the back yard. It¡¯s been getting progressively worse, to the point where now half of our back yard looks terrible and is full of holes. That¡¯s when we decided we had to get a trail camera to figure out what kind of animal (there are a few candidates) is destroying our back yard.

    The trail camera comes in a nice and secure packaging, and comes with everything you need to start using it, except obviously the batteries. I really like that it takes AA batteries instead of relying on internal batteries that will inevitably wear out in a couple of years, or expensive batteries like 18650. AAs are cheap and everybody already has a bunch of AAs around the house that are being used for everything from TV remotes to blood pressure monitors. The camera also has WiFi connectivity to use it with an app and your phone which is cool.

    The camera looks sturdy and well built, and it¡¯s water resistant. I tried getting it wet with my garden hose to simulate rain and the camera took it like a champ! When I opened it the inside was totally dry.

    The camera resolution is also pretty good, pics are clear and I¡¯m convinced it¡¯s going to let me discover who is the little troublemaker that is going to town on my back yard! Now I just gotta wait for it to show up!

  14. Roy DeFrisco

    Just got this at the end of the season so I have the whole summer to profess it¡¯s use I can¡¯t wait to use this and be ready for next yrs hunt

  15. George P

    Awesome Camera! Both the pictures and videos are clear.

  16. Javier L¨®pez Villafuerte

    Buena c¨¢mara, cumple con las modalidades y presenta un desempe?o satisfactorio

  17. Joseph Murphy

    This camera has all the features I was looking for. Really good description. And it came VERY fast despite the heavy shipping delays we experienced with other purchases. It was purchased as a gift and anxious to hear back how easy it was to set it up!

  18. Carole A. Doerflinger

    This is a well made trail camera that met all the requirements I had. I wanted to test the camera in different situations to insure it did everything the vendor claimed and the camera did not disappoint. The instructions were well written. WIFI reception worked up to a distance of approximately 50 feet using an IPhone 11 and Hunting Cam Pro. The camera can be set up to take photo’s, video or both. The images are clear even when setting the camera up to lower resolution. The photo is an example of the range and clarity of the photo using WIFI and 16MP resolution. I recommend this camera to anyone with a need for a good trail camera.

  19. Misplaced Vermonter

    Was quite difficult for us people of a certain age to figure out, but it’s taking pics from a good distance.

  20. Richard McGee

    Some improvement in the manual would be nice (no information on using the ‘remote control’) but the trail cam has nice features and takes excellent photos.
    We purchased 2 different brands of trail cams and this one is by far the best.
    128 Gb memory card capacity (purchased separately) is greater than some other brands allowing for more pictures and videos.

  21. Douglas M.

    Like many others, we bought this camera to capture outdoor wildlife that visits our property. The camera is easy to use, takes good pictures, and has helped us see what kinds of critters are in our back yard. We hope it lasts for years to come so we can get pictures of our bear, opossum, raccoon, lynx, birds, and other animals.

  22. Jennifer and Jeremy

    I bought 3 trail cameras. All 3 were working perfectly when 1 stopped working correctly. I contacted them through and after a few troubleshooting procedures, they immediately moved me over to replacing the camera. They have been very helpful. The other two cameras are still working perfectly. I will buy more going forward.

  23. Kacey

    Fast shipping and easy ordering. Excellent product!

  24. Nathan1

    Works well. 32g card won¡¯t take more.
    Nice pictures easy to use don¡¯t even need manual.
    Also definitely waterproof. Nice camera cheap !!

  25. jenbug

    This was the best Christmas gift my son got this year. He was so happy with the ease of use of the camera. he has been posting videos on facebook all day long. He has ADD and this has kept him busy all day with capturing videos and posting them.

  26. DK Guinn

    My husband has had the Trail Camera for over a week and loves it! He’s not techinically skilled, but the directions were easy to follow and he’s a pro with it now. The shots are clear, the product is easy to understand, and we enjoyed seeing our first deer shot last night! It was awesome!

  27. CG

    Overall, very good product for a great price. Lots of features and configs to tailor what I wanted, for example I can configure various features to get great video/photos and also save battery life. Great video and still shots even at night in pitch black darkness. WiFi capability to connect to my iPhone (with app download) is good. Overall setup was easy.

    Cons (minor):
    The image on the box is of a white camera, yet the camera I ordered was camo-green. I panicked at first thinking I had a white camera.

    Also, the instructions to use the WiFi could be clearer. I suggest separating the instructions to initially setup trail camera WiFi with your smartphone. Next, have recurring instructions to connect to the trail camera via WiFi from your phone. I had to spend a few mins to figure this out since the instruction steps were all listed together.

    The “Hunting Cam Pro” App for iPhone doesn’t support dark mode so you can’t see the menu choices to configure the camera. To configure the trail camera via my iPhone, I need to go into “Light mode”, make trail cam config changes then change my phone back to “dark mode”.


  28. Tina C

    This camera offers a lot of features. It is very customizable to suit your specific needs. Set aside some time to set it up, but once you have selected the options you want, you will be happy with the results.

  29. Just_a_regular

    The trail cam was easy to set up. The video was clear and alot better than the other one that was used. Very happy with purchase.

  30. Jake Holliman

    The picture and video quality is great but there is no sound at all on my camera. I had a video of two bucks fighting 8ft in front of the cam and could not even hear them. Also, the videos on my app freeze up all the time. I¡¯ve paid less for a camera with excellent sound and video so the price isn¡¯t justified. Besides the sound issues, it¡¯s a pretty decent camera.

  31. Amanda Firkins

    This Trail Cam is easy set up straight out of the box. The only negative I have found is that it uses 8 batteries but overall the product is worth the price. It takes good photos and it is easy to use with great quality.

  32. Linda Callahan

    Received camera as a gift and getting setup for night vision recordings. Received with everything needed except sd card and looks like a great product.

  33. katy hensley

    Great! Super fun gift for my dad. He really enjoyed it.

  34. LN

    Trail cam is awesome, great pictures!! Very easy to use.

  35. Connie Elliott

    My husband really likes the design of the camera, and he can use it as a surveillance camera. He placed one at his shooting house and here at our home. He really likes the quality of the camera.

  36. ps

    Seems to be of good quality. Variety of camera and mounting options. Looking forward to many pictures to come!

  37. Todd Sloggett

    Great product, awesome quality.

  38. Travis Mcewing

    Camera is great quality and takes great pictures and great for hunting. Easy to install and easy to setup. Couldn’t ask for a better camera

  39. Destry A Newsome

    Picture quality , motion detection, and night vision.

  40. scott adams

    I bought this camera looking for an alternative to Moultrie (of which I owned 5). Three of those 5 died in a season or less and cost twice as much, frustrating. This one has been in the woods for nearly 18 months, has been working well, has comparable picture quality and a more user-friendly interface with respectable battery life. I prefer to buy American but this is good and less than half the price so the reality of hunting and having a budget means I will continue to replace the Moultries with these.

  41. John B.

    Good value camera
    Solid quality, good features at good price
    Would buy again

  42. TK

    Good picture clarity. Sensor works great. Easy to use/install. Overall build quality is good also. I¡¯ve had this out in the elements in northern Michigan during all 4 seasons & works like new.

  43. BoB MEDLEY

    The WiFi is very convenient as is the remote. The included mounting hardware made the mounting of the camera very easy to locate in an appropriate place.

    Thank You;


  44. Curtis T.

    Just tried out the cam and it worked great.

  45. Lana

    Love this camera!

  46. Charles H.

    Impressive product, strongly recommend!

  47. Michelle

    Happy with this so far. The screen on the front is a nice touch.

    It takes 8 AA batteries and you have to buy a memory card. It has the capacity for a card of up to 128 gb.

    You can set various resolutions and picture sizes. Video length 5s-180s.

  48. JP StL

    This product is great! You can set it up to take a video or picture or both. We use it not only for wild life but for any trespassers on our property. Great item for the price.

  49. Levi

    I liked that it has a built in camera 2 view pictures and the image quality is good for the price.

  50. Brett Reynolds

    We bought this to get photos of the wildlife behind our home. We have been really happy with the camera and overall experience.

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