TOPVISION 4K WiFi/Bluetooth Trail Camera


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  • ?[Bluetooth WiFi Connection & APP Control] The trail camera is equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi connection functions. You can preview the picture or video that the trail camera is shooting in real-time on the mobile APP, and control the camera remotely. More options for preset or custom settings to maximize your camera for your conditions. NOTE: As the app is being updated, the app cannot be found on Google recently, please contact us.
  • ?[4K Lite Video Resolution & 24MP Clearer Photo] 4K LITE Video Resolution & 24MP Clearer Photo: The trail camera can capture 24MP crisp images and 4K LITE videos, it provides color photos during the day, and black and white photos at night.Night vision mode to help track more reclusive nocturnal animals like owls and badgers. The night vision mode uses an infrared flash that won’t alert most woodland critters so you are able to capture footage of their nighttime habits.
  • ?[Lightning-0.2s trigger speeds] Once detecting the movements(the small animal activities like a squirrel can also be detected), the game camera will be triggered instantly in 0.2s without delay, the trigger distance is up to 20m(65 feet). The shutter speed of 0.2 seconds is pairs well with its burst photo mode that shoots up to 3 photos back-to-back. You would never miss any breathtaking moments.
  • ?[120° Wide Angle & IP66 Waterproof] A wide detection range of 120 degrees allows you to capture a wider range of wonderful scenes of wildlife. The rugged camera case is IP56 waterproof and dust-proof, it ensures your hunting camera can shot videos in rain and desert.
  • ?[Multiple Applications & Satisfied Customer Service] Equipped with a 2.4-inch screen, it is convenient for you to view pictures and videos and change settings. In addition, this trail camera has a timestamp, including date/time/temperature, timing or interval shooting, Realtime Replay, password setting, etc., more features will bring you unexpected surprises. If you have any problems with your trail camera, you can contact us via Amazon, We will offer you a replacement or refund.






WIFI Connection and APP Control

Download the APP on your phone to connect with WiFi and control the camera. You can preview the picture or video that the trail camera is shooting in real time on the mobile APP, and control the camera remotely.

The effective distance of Wifi connection is up to 10 meters.

24MP Photo and 4K Lite Video

24MP picture and 4K Lite Video resolution can help you captures every wonderful movement of animals, allows you to enjoy the wonderful animal world through super crystal pictures.

0.2s Fast Trigger Speed

Equipped with PIR sensor, the hunting camera will trigger instantly in 0.2s without delay when the movements is detected, you would never miss any breathtaking moments and the trigger distance is up to 20m(65 feet).





Advanced Infrared Nigh Vision

Featuring with 38pcs 850nm Black IR LEDs, the LEDs emit little light which make sure to catch any moment even at dark night, without scaring animal away. The night vision up to 20m(65 feet ).

120° Ultra Wide Angle

A wide detection range of 120 degrees allows you to capture a wider range of wonderful scenes of wildlife.

This game camera has 3 PIR sensors. The PIR sensors sensitivity can be adjusted to low, medium, high.

2.4” LED Screen

Equipped with a 2.4-inch screen, which is convenient for you to set camera parameters and preview pictures and videos in real time.

The wifi trail cam need use disposable 8*1.5V AA LR6 alkaline batteries.(Not include).





Wildlife Monitoring

The trail camera can help you detect wild animal behaviors, knowing more secrets about wildlife.


The trail camera will be the best helpful assistant to track wild animals for hunters.

Home Security

You can also use the game camera to monitor your home and office to protect your safety.

Farm Burglar

The trail camera can be used as a monitor of your farm to help you detect thieves or stray animals,protecting your farm safety.

59 reviews for TOPVISION 4K WiFi/Bluetooth Trail Camera

  1. William Tufts

    Still need to learn to set it up. No directions came with it. Hoping to find a tutorial on the website.

  2. Luke McKenzie

    I have been looking for an affordable camera that meets my needs. This is that camera.

  3. Denise Stewart

    We had a few hiccups with the setup, but we eventually realized there was a clear cover over the lens and that’s why our footage was blurry! We have so many plans for placing this and retrieving the footage to see what’s out there on our properties at night. Last night, we were capturing footage of the bats that have camped out on our front porch!!

  4. Linda Booth

    Time/date stamp doesn’t keep accurate date.

  5. Ashley N Holland

    Quick shipping, easy to setup and use, nice rugged design!

  6. Christopher J. Matarese

    I like the features offered. The Wi-Fi feature and the versatility amounting and variable mega pixel frame choices.

  7. Julia Lindsey

    Just received this and so far everything appears to be as it says. We purchased this because of great reviews and price point and are looking forward to enjoying it.

  8. Rene Uno

    I purchased this product due to the features for the price. I still haven’t tried it outside but am looking forward to seeing what it can capture in photos and videos.

  9. William M Jameson

    Found a product hard to set up still working on it I’ve had it two days

  10. Ray Hart

    It was shipped in just the actual package that it comes in not packaged to be protected and it didn’t come with everything

  11. Dan Eyster

    Bought this trail camera based on the ability to check pictures without having to remove the card and download them to my computer.

  12. Dan Eyster

    Looking forward to seeing how it does out in the woods around my property. The ability to connect and download pictures remotely is what brought me to try this camera.

  13. Tina McCorkle

    The camera has high-definition – pictures are very clear

  14. Worth Thomasson

    Very well designed and meets my needs.

  15. Morgan Koller

    Great product for the price. More compact than I thought it would be. Easy install

  16. Darryl T. Lillian

    Easy to setup and use. I am looking forward to using it.

  17. Karen S Gimse

    Just opened it And haven’t tried it yet

  18. Michael A Parker

    I like that the WiFi acts more like a hot spot that you connect to.
    I will be trying to connect with my laptop by running an android simulator and downloading the App there to see if I can get the connection while I’m both hardwired to the internet and WiFi connection to the camera. I will return with an update to see if this works.
    I’ll also be using 3300mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable AA’s in it as well.
    The features are what sold me: WiFi, wide-angle, Night vision, resolution, and a reduced price.

  19. Justin

    So far I like the design and how it has a dc for solar and the clips seem robust, I wish it took micro add but either is fine

  20. Matthew Burgess

    Haven’t set it up yet, so I’m not sure

  21. Bobbi S Kannemann

    LOVE IT!!! I have deer that come into my yard. I get excellent pictures, day and night that I can share on line!!!!

  22. Gretchen Edwards

    The camera was easy to set up and installation options were great. Video with sound option was fantastic.

  23. William C Whatley

    I thought it had a Bluetooth connection that I could hook directly to my phone without wifi. I haven’t figured it out yet.

  24. Justin Turner

    Love it I would recommend it to everyone that hunts it’s a great product for the price can’t beat it .

  25. Danielle Buccellato

    Love it! It’s working for exactly what I need.

  26. Corey parks

    Haven’t used it because i don’t have a card yet. But powers up and I like the screen and functions it has.

  27. Deborah Casey

    It was not hard to set up. Should include a video on line of setting up so your online reviews would be better

  28. Betty Shoda

    I just got the product and I am anxious to try it out. It seems nice to set up.

  29. Christine Nimetz

    I like the WiFi function and MP function.

  30. Tim Green

    Screen is great, quality is great. It’s nice to have the setup function.

  31. Nohra

    Great product! Starting with deer watching

  32. Brian Larson

    Haven’t used for long, but seems to work well. Detection area is good as well as picture quality. Wifi was confusing to setup and will only work as far as the range of Bluetooth, about 30 feet.

  33. Staci Graham

    Works great for the price. Easy to setup. Takes quality pictures and videos.

  34. Alan T Richardson

    Great product! I would recommend this Trail Camera to anyone wanting to take pictures of wildlife in their yard at night or during the day.

  35. Marion Schilling

    Very good price. Like the built in WiFi.

  36. Mike Walsh

    The videos are excellent and the stills very good. The shutter speed for the still shots is a bit slow so I do get some blurring if it catches a squirrel jumping or a hummingbird in a still shot.

    The date on the camera keeps changing to a random date when I change the battery but oddly enough the time stays current. Perhaps a firmware upgrade could fix this.

    A lens hood to shield the lens from the sunlight would be a nice feature.

    All in all this camera is very good and I have recommended it to several of my friends and family.

  37. Joseph Killey

    Suits my needs perfectly for outside surveillance of my home

  38. Robyn Roundy

    Love the camera and what it produces. Just wish the app was working and available. Checking again today for it

  39. Michael Rawson

    Easy to use and like that it can go right to my phone, so that I can watch in real time

  40. Ashley Fuller

    The set up isn’t as easy as I’d like it to be. I was expecting it to be seamless and I’m struggling.

  41. Brandon Acree

    I love it the camera works great easy to set yp

  42. Johnny Wilhelm

    The Top Vision WiFi Trail Camera is the one to have. I can connect to the Camera with my android phone (not my Fire Tablet) and view the photo’s and video. I had to download an app using the QR Code provided on the first page of the manual. I hope to be able to walk near my camera, connect to the wifi signal it transmits and use the app to view photos and video’s on my phone. Saves me from having to climb the tree, open the cover, and switch modes. I’m still checking all the features out and enjoying this new device.
    I’ve had the low end trail cams and this one is the best so far.
    Five stars in my book.
    I’d give it even more if it had a Fire Tablet interface.

  43. Galina Young

    I am just starting to activate it but I like how sturdy it is and looks very well built

  44. Gregg Sosoka

    Excellent product. Easy app. Quick arrival.

  45. Paul Lowell

    havent used it yet, but im sure it will do what i want.

  46. Belle

    Just started so we will see how it goes very excited bababooey bababooey bababooey bababooey

  47. Mark Young

    I like it so far – working as advertised.

  48. Sherry Cash

    I haven’t used the camera yet. Trying to get it set up but wanted to get the warranty activated.

  49. Brandon

    This camera was extremely easy to set up. It takes great quality photos and videos. I can’t wait to share the pictures with my friends and family!

  50. Ryan Ottinger

    It’s very great product. Easy to use with great picture and functions

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