TOPVISION 2200A Peak Jump Starter

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  • Upgrade QDSP Technology: With the same battery capacity, our new Quick Discharge Start Power jump starter has 3-5 times enhanced current compare to the old 2nd generation. At the same time, It could balance temperature through reducing start up temperature by disruptive innovation of battery / assembly structure to keep safe start.
  • POWERFUL JUMP STARTER: This compact car power pack is able to jump start 12V vehicles (up to 8L petrol or 8L diesel engine) in seconds with 2200A peak current. The powerful lithium battery booster – up to 50 jump starts on a single charge. Suitable for car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor and so on.
  • Doubles as Power Bank: Adopts the latest Quick Charge 3. 0 technology to charge smart phones from 0 to 80% in only 35 minutes; Type-C output(5V/3A) delivers the fastest possible charge for Nintendo Switch, smart phone, tablet with Type-C port. 12V/6A DC output with included cigarette adapter conveniently charges your car refrigerator, inflator, and vacuum on-the-go.
  • 4 in 1 Multi-Function: Powerful Jump Starter + Portable Charger + LED Flashlight + S. O. S Lighting Signal for help. It can help you In any case especially for adventure, outdoor, daily, emergency, travel, etc.
  • Ultimate Safety Protection: The high quality and spray gold clamps with a built-in protection circuit provides over-current protection, short circuit protection, over-load protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection. Provide ultimate protection for your safety.


Jump Starter, TOPVISION 2200A Peak High Capacity Car Power Pack with USB Quick Charge 3.0 (Up to 8.0L Gas or 8L Diesel Engine), 12V Portable Auto Battery Booster Phone Charger Built-in LED Light

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3514 reviews for TOPVISION 2200A Peak Jump Starter

  1. Alan Sun

    Cheap and peak amp is 2200Amps and it was suggested by Scott Kilmer on youtube.

  2. Dave Roth

    Great design, very compact, nice case, easy to use, nice features, light, ability to charge phone and other devices

  3. Craig Dinsmore

    I purchased this starter battery after viewing a review of this battery on YouTube.
    The review was by a mechanic named Scotty Kilmer
    The URL of the review is . . . . .

  4. Enrique Martez Hill

    It is a very nice and reliable product and I have used it twice already and I am not disappointed will buy another soon

  5. Glenn Lepsik

    I think its very nice and love that it comes with a case to store it in so it not loose and rolling around inside my vehicle.

  6. Michael Cleaver

    I haven’t used it yet. I bought it to power an OBD connector to supply power to the computer while I change the car battery. I like that it is small and should supply enough power to jump my vehicle or help out anyone else who may need a jump.

  7. Pete soter

    Very powerful compact unit.
    Never worry about getting someone to help jump start my vehicle.
    The device charger is a bonus. Love it!!!

  8. glenn davis

    Just got it. Looks well made. Plan on carrying it everywhere I drive. Good price too.

  9. john fritz

    Small enough to keep in my truck and my car hope it will start my 6.0 diesel

  10. James Wilkens

    This product is brand new. I will used it as needed. This brand was highly recommended to me.

  11. Karlo Sedeno

    all i need is in the unit and its compact. Good rating from youtube.

  12. Albert Lilly

    Excellent packaging, carry case is fantastic! I know this will be in my car from now on and will be a huge benefit.

  13. Pam

    My husband has used it a few times at work and does a great job. Several coworkers have asked where to get one.

  14. Nick Masselle

    Nice product, lot of functions, good back up power. keep in all my cars

  15. Frank Jackson

    I already tested the product out and it is just what I needed to power a dvd player when I am camping in the mountains. It seems to have more power than the heavy and bulky deep cycle battery I have used in the past. I might buy another one soon.

  16. judy

    Really rugged construction. Instructions not very clear. Have not had a need to use yet to see how it works

  17. lam chan

    I’ve not used the major function of this product yet; which is jump starting a vehicle.
    Other functions such as the flashlight and the USB seems to work fine.
    Will let you know once I have used the battery charger for vehicles.

  18. Vera

    Exactly as described in advertising. Love fast charting feature too.

  19. David Morrisett

    It works very well. I would recommend to anyone that is very affordable for the price.

  20. Richard Olsen

    I was very happy with the nice carrying case that it came in.

  21. Richard Bock

    Got a great deal with Amazon. The price was great. Shipping was supper fast. Going to shared my deal with everyone.

  22. Robert Riggins

    It is compact and appears to be well made. The extra charging ports are a plus.

  23. Von Boudreaux

    I have not used it as of yet… I like the way it is set up and size.


    Great product so far. Used it on my classic car that had a dead battery. It only took one crack to start it up. Very good for the size of the device.

  25. Chris Kieszek

    It had great reviews from a mechanic that I follow on YouTube.

  26. Paul Patulski

    The product seems ok.. But you include a card that says I can choose one of 3 gifts, but when I activate the warranty, only one is shown, not the one I want.

  27. Sharia Fowler

    Great device. Just used it on a DEAD battery. Jumped right off.

  28. Collin Bottiglieri

    Scotty Kilmer Recommended, Seems to do exactly that! Does its job and holds its charge well, Charges easily with USB C which is a wonderful thing since my phone and other devices use it. One cable to charge them all makes cables easy to manage.

  29. Brian Kozicki

    Great product with many functions like starting car battery, flashlight, mobile phone charging, testing battery voltage. This is a great value.

  30. Brandon

    Just got it for a camping trip with my boat, can’t wait to try it out.

  31. Jeric Sagun

    I just received the product today and it already has a charge of 73%. I used it to jumpstart my motorcycle. The trickle charger wouldn’t charge my battery anymore. I just wanted to see if this would start it. I know that the battery needs to be replaced. But out of curiosity, I gave it a try. and it worked. The Top Vision 2200A is a life saver if you should have any battery problems on a long road trip. This is the main reason why I purchased one.

  32. Jim Bowling

    It was recommended on you tube by Scotty Kilmer. I haven’t used it yet but it looks fine.

  33. Delton Heffley

    The specs were better than the cheap ones but was still affordable.

  34. Louis Aponte

    I found out your product on YouTube. I follow Scotty Kilmer and he highly recommended your product. I’m very satisfied with it and I’m letting my family and friends know about it.

  35. Paul McCarthy

    Looks really good. Haven’t tried it out yet.I bought it because it was recommended by Scotty Kilmer YouTube Channel.

  36. Greg K Dudichum

    have not used it yet. I was just trying to register the product.

  37. John Reid

    The product came quickly from Amazon. The contents of the package was complete. The battery pack had 72% battery charge. It charged to 100% within 3 hours. The device charging and the light functions worked without a problem. I found the components to be quality made. I feel I have received good value for the money I have spent.

  38. Vic Sorlie

    Charge level seems to not go above 74%. Will monitor in the future.

  39. Greg Stewart

    I will be very useful when needed to jump start others, and provide emergency jump start abilities if i’m by myself.

  40. Anibal Morales

    It is very versatile, high capacity, compact design, with all the accessories I need out of the box. It is rare to see a product like that these days.

  41. Ron

    Got this due to the recommendation of the Scotty Kilmer YouTube Channel. Love the size and power!

  42. Robert Silver

    Product works great started car with no problems.
    There is a nice case included with the starter and also charges
    with a usb cable.

  43. Ed Bauscher

    Small size and multi functional, dependability for emergencies.

  44. Dennis Steul

    Seems like a well built product. I charged the battery for the first time. It arrived at 75% charged. Charged quickly and showed 100% charge. All the necessary cables are included for charging and for starting a car from this Battery Starter.

  45. Shirley Shafar

    Seems quite useful! Haven’t used it yet but when I do you’ll be the second one to know

  46. Clark Bright

    Just received,not used yet,hope it works and has longevity,eat my with,l don’t know Jesus yes

  47. Thomas Calamari Jr

    Received the TOPVISION 2200A Peak 21800mAh Portable Car Power Pack with USB Quick Charge 3.0 last night. Used it to jump start an ambulance the next morning at work. Will be purchasing more.

  48. Anne Moody

    Reviewed and recommended on Scotty Killmore youtube channel.

  49. Kerolus

    Good functionality, portability and quite affordable. Good customer service. Nice package.

  50. david alabi

    its portable
    its easy of use
    its set up is 1-2-3

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