TOPVISION 2200A Peak Jump Starter

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  • Upgrade QDSP Technology: With the same battery capacity, our new Quick Discharge Start Power jump starter has 3-5 times enhanced current compare to the old 2nd generation. At the same time, It could balance temperature through reducing start up temperature by disruptive innovation of battery / assembly structure to keep safe start.
  • POWERFUL JUMP STARTER: This compact car power pack is able to jump start 12V vehicles (up to 8L petrol or 8L diesel engine) in seconds with 2200A peak current. The powerful lithium battery booster – up to 50 jump starts on a single charge. Suitable for car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor and so on.
  • Doubles as Power Bank: Adopts the latest Quick Charge 3. 0 technology to charge smart phones from 0 to 80% in only 35 minutes; Type-C output(5V/3A) delivers the fastest possible charge for Nintendo Switch, smart phone, tablet with Type-C port. 12V/6A DC output with included cigarette adapter conveniently charges your car refrigerator, inflator, and vacuum on-the-go.
  • 4 in 1 Multi-Function: Powerful Jump Starter + Portable Charger + LED Flashlight + S. O. S Lighting Signal for help. It can help you In any case especially for adventure, outdoor, daily, emergency, travel, etc.
  • Ultimate Safety Protection: The high quality and spray gold clamps with a built-in protection circuit provides over-current protection, short circuit protection, over-load protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection. Provide ultimate protection for your safety.


Jump Starter, TOPVISION 2200A Peak High Capacity Car Power Pack with USB Quick Charge 3.0 (Up to 8.0L Gas or 8L Diesel Engine), 12V Portable Auto Battery Booster Phone Charger Built-in LED Light

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3893 reviews for TOPVISION 2200A Peak Jump Starter

  1. Nicholas Pringle

    It is very useful but I would like to ask for a little bit longer jumper cables

  2. A. Rothmaler

    No opinion yet. I have charged it only, so far…

  3. Robert Olesen

    I use it for my Jetski…perfect for
    What I need it for!

  4. Joseph Gerovac

    I haven’t been able to test jump starter but product looks good.

  5. Joel Flores

    It’s great . I do wish the size of the battery was on the product.

  6. Doug Shepherd

    Love the LEDs that show the state of charge. Compact and quite powerful.

  7. Rodrigo diaz

    I saw a review on youtube by project farm it was on of the best ones reviewed

  8. Ching Ping Chang

    I like the product. I just got it. Will know if i like the functions later.

  9. Nicholas Swanson

    Seems like it is as advertised

  10. Mihai Gondiu

    Great product, I’d recommend to my friends and family for sure , won’t let you get stuck in the Peking lot

  11. James Valentine

    Great product at great price. Also very compact and comes with secure storage container.

  12. scott williams

    I have not used yet just purchased this product from amazon not sure how it will work out.

  13. Ron Kissmann

    Was a little smaller physically than I expected. Haven’t had to use it yet to jump-vehicle so I hope it works when I do.

  14. Matthew Hayes

    I love the charging ports and the LED light as well.

  15. Jeromy Haltiwanger

    Seems like a very nice device. I hope it works as indicated in promotions. Encouragement by maker to review product so quickly after purchase is understandable; however, shortsighted (if they actually want feedback on functionality, etc.). More time should be provided & communicated clearly how & when to comment after significant time to use the device. Gift is a very nice touch! Thanks! I’m looking forward to using the product.

  16. Thomas Bingham

    I’m happy to have this if ever anyone needs a battery jump.

  17. Todd Bishop

    Initial impression is good. The product is charging as expected, the case is sturdy and offers adequate protection to the battery and adapters.

  18. Gary Nolan

    Looks good so far. Seems to work just fine. I like the battery capacity.

  19. Alfred Castellanos

    Light weight versatile helpful

  20. Corbin wilson

    A mechanic suggested this product. Hes been using his for years. I needed something to keep me stress free and it has done so so far.

  21. Dean Boerger

    Nice power in a compact package.

  22. Edward Koehler

    I wanted something in case of a dead battery so I don’t have to worry if someone else could help. This is just what I was looking for

  23. Fredelis

    I like the color and the fuctions.

  24. Bruno Grande

    I haven’t had to use it yet, so I can’t comment on the product.

  25. Christopher Jones

    Nice high capacity jump start and acceseries charger. Works well with the car I bought it for. The car has a large battery and hard to find one that will start it.

  26. Ralph Greene

    As a hobby to kill time during the pandemic I fix riding mowers and other small engines items. Most mowers I get have a bad battery or no battery at all. I was gifted a NOCO GB40, and after a couple of uses I realized it does not live up to the 5 star hype I’ve seen it get. I watched a youtube video called “Which Car Jump Starter Is Best? Let’s find out! NOCO GB40 vs Duracell vs Audew” – by Project Farm. It was detailed and showed how much better the TopVision was over the NOCO. The NOCO barely beat the lowest rated unit. The TopVision comes with a nice travel case, USB-C charge cord, NO power adapter, LCD Volt readout jumper cables, and 12v cigarette plug adapter for accessories. There are USB ports to charge your portable devices. I like the battery percentage readout over the 4 LED dots most others use. It also tells you the percentage when charging and blinks to indicate its charging. I used a 45w USB-C charger for a Lenovo laptop and found it charged up from 84% to 100% in about 1hr. Field testing it I found it certainly has more cranking amps than the NOCO, however its 2200A peak rating is a pipe dream but you can certainly notice its more than ample to crank a lawn mower. I will update my review after I test starting my Kia Forte 4cyl 2.0L motor without it’s battery connected.
    It had no issues cranking and starting my Kia Forte with the car battery completely disconnected.

  27. Ralph Greene

    Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.Works great!!! Love it.

  28. Victor Ventura

    Boat started right up on the first try.
    Great for charging my phone and tablet.

  29. Mathew A Tapp

    Has a good design doesn’t weigh too much. Has lots of cool add of features. Can use it everyday and not just for jump starting cars! Which i think is super cool. Always good for something to have more then one purpose, and this meets all!

  30. Rebecca Schwartz

    The flashlight works. 84% battery at arrival.

  31. Brett Weston

    This was recommended by a top mechanic on YouTube who I trust. I already bought one for my other car as well!

  32. Jose Estrella

    Love the case it comes with and can’t wait to use it the reviews really show great results and videos how this product works

  33. Allen Rush

    Will be a great addition to traveling safely and conveniently if/when having a dead battery. Also will be able to assist other drivers having a dead battery without the need to do a traditional jump start. Also ability to charge phones or other devices (and having he LED light) are very nice to have features.

  34. Isaac Lu

    Looks great, had 83% on arrival. Hope I won’t need to use it much

  35. Bryant L

    Seems good so far, wish it were more compact

  36. Cameron Beard

    very nicely packaged. USB charging ports and flashlight are nice features. Also like being able to charge unit using a cell phone charger.

  37. Joseph Reichert

    I haven’t yet used it, but it looks solid and as long as it lives up to the reviews I expect to be happy with it.

  38. Deryk Hilton II

    Great price work great will be buy one for each vehicle

  39. Douglas Stewart Jr

    I use this jump box to start a formula car on the grid. Our cars have very small batteries and a tiny alternator. It’s enough to run the car but if you use the cars battery to start the engine, it drains it significantly. And the little alternator is not able to charge it back up, just maintain the voltage. This product is perfect for what I need.

  40. Dan Koda

    Seen on a youtube comparison. Looked good.

  41. Bill Bartlett

    My daughter was given one of these as a gift. I have borrowed hers SEVERAL times over the past few months, and it has been an amazing help – I’ve used it to start two different cars, including one car several times that had a wiring problem, plus I used it to start my lawn tractor when I didn’t realize that battery had gone dead. I loved it so much I had to buy my own! This is a great device!!

  42. James Carpenter

    Good review on Project Farm YouTube channel.

  43. Abner

    It works great and compact size

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