ūüĒä120W Power &¬†3 Drivers

The TOPVISION soundbar features an integrated subwoofer with a powerful 120W output, including 2 Full-range Drivers and 1 Subwoofer Driver.

Full-range Drivers Units: The soundbar is equipped with two full-range driver units dedicated to delivering crystal-clear high-frequency sound. Every note, melody, and sound is reproduced with astonishing clarity, creating a wider and more detailed audio landscape.

Subwoofer¬†Driver¬†Unit:¬†This component is responsible for producing deep and resonant bass that can fill the entire room. ¬†When the subwoofer speaker unit adds depth and power to the sound, you’ll feel like you’re in the midst of live music and movies.

ūüéľBuilt-in DSP¬†&¬†Immersive Sound

The TOPVISION soundbar employs advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, combined with highly sensitive full-range driver units, to achieve precise sound positioning and outstanding sound quality.   This combination ensures clear sound and lifelike vocals.

Furthermore, the soundbar introduces a unique top-firing subwoofer design that creates immersive 3D sound through sound wave reflection on the ceiling.   The top-firing subwoofer utilizes revolutionary technology to transmit bass effects throughout the room, delivering deep bass resonance that will leave you awestruck.

ūüé∂Three Sound Modes

News Mode:¬†Clear voices make you feel like you’re on the scene, providing in-depth coverage of current events, perfectly complementing your interest in news.

Music Mode: High-fidelity audio quality turns your home into a concert hall, where every note of music brings ultimate enjoyment, immersing you in the rhythm of the music.

Movie Mode: Immersive sound effects make movie scenes more stunning, turning every movie into a real adventure that lets you experience the charm of movies infinitely.

ūüďĪThree Control Methods

Bluetooth Connection Control: Connect via Bluetooth using smart devices for wireless audio transmission, allowing you to enjoy music and sound freely.

Button Control: Self-control of sound effects with simple button operations. Short presses can skip songs, long presses can adjust the volume down, ensuring you can easily adjust the sound to your preferred level.

Remote Control Operation: Remote control of everything, no need to leave the couch, you can enjoy the charm of sound effects while sitting there.

ūüĒĆMultiple Audio Input Methods

HDMI, USB, AUX, Optical, and Bluetooth offer multiple input options to meet the needs of different devices:

HDMI: High-definition audio quality transmission, the best choice for home theater systems.

USB: Play media files as you wish, plug and play, simple and convenient.

AUX: Connect to various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Optical: Digital audio transmission, presenting the intricate layers of music.

Bluetooth: Easily connect via smart devices.