Description :

Reason 1: A Ture native 720P projector!

The Groview RD850 projector is a true native 720P projector. It supports 1080P video and brings you cinema-level enjoyment. It is the best choice for building a backyard cinema.

Reason 2: Cost-effective projector!

This MINI projector is not only equipped with a simple screen, but also with a synchronization function. This eliminates the need to purchase additional adapters and external synchronization modules, which saves you at least 40!

Reason 3: 7500 lumens!

This outdoor projector has 200 Ansi lumens (true brightness equal 7500L), which allows you to have enough brightness outdoors in low light! Compared with the other 7500L (actual ANSI only 80-120 lumens) projector on the market, the brightness is increased by 55%. The high-contrast picture allows your picture to be more colorful!

Reason 4: The child’s gift choice!

This machine is not only your first choice to replace traditional TV, but also the best gift for your children. Using a projector to watch movies or play games can reduce the burden on your eyes to the greatest extent! (Note: Please read the manual carefully before use)