Security Camera, 2K WiFi Camera with Outdoor Night Vision, IP65 Outdoor Waterproof, PIR Motion Sensor, 2 Way Audio for Home Security System (Supports 2.4G WiFi Only)


(267 customer reviews)

UPC : 729808914615
GITN: 00729808914615Description:
100% Wireless Cameras: Built-in battery, the installation and the connection of the battery security camera are 100% Wire-Free, which gives you the added convenience of not having to deal with any outlets or tangled mess of wires.

With 130 degrees wide-angle, the surveillance range is convenient for outdoor and indoor use. Smart PIR Body Detection–PIR sensor detects mammals of about 37℃/98.6℉ and sends alerts to your phone.

With the two-way audio feature, the home security camera can also be used as a pet camera or an IP camera that allows conversation between the mobile end and the surveillance scene. Have fun interacting with your pet!

IP65 Waterproof: With great IP65 weatherproof performance, even in the rain, the camera works well. Temperature ranges from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C).

Infrared Night Vision: The 3 megapixel CMOS enables the camera to get 50% more detail than the 1080p camera. Built in two LED infrared lights, so that the camera can capture a clear picture at night, combined with PIR mobile detection sensor, 24-hour protection of your property.

Record and Playback: First, make sure that the camera has an SD card installed, and then turn on the motion detection function in APP. You can select the date you want to play back in the calendar of the playback interface, and then you can play the previous video in APP.

Easy to Use & Cloud Service–Exclusive App is available for download on GooglePlay and in the App Store for your use of the WiFi camera.

The intuition of the user interface provides a satisfying user experience while easing the pairing, recording, and browsing process. cloud service requires no personal data and protects surveillance videos with HTTPS Certified Security.

Storage : Support Micro SD Card Max 128 GB
Charger : Type-C power cable(Package Included)
Input / Output : Built-in Microphone & Speaker
Working Temperature : -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C)
Note: Only supports 2.4G WiFi, not 5G WiFi.

What’s in the box?
1 x Wifi Battery Camera
1 x camera Base
1 x Type-c USB Cable
1 x Screws Bag
1 x magnetic bracket
1 x Quick User Manual

1. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that please make sure the battery is fully charged before use.
2. If you have any questions about the operation of the security cameras, please feel free to contact us, we are already pleased to serve you at any time.



UPC : 729808914615
GITN: 00729808914615

267 reviews for Security Camera, 2K WiFi Camera with Outdoor Night Vision, IP65 Outdoor Waterproof, PIR Motion Sensor, 2 Way Audio for Home Security System (Supports 2.4G WiFi Only)

  1. MCS

    These cameras are extremely slow to detect movement and never capture the picture. The delay from the time it senses movement to the time the picture is taken, it NEVER captures the movement.

  2. Alyssa Nicole

    These worked temporarily and the picture was good and motion detection for the price. Issues are they do not hold a charge and you have to manually charge these at least once a week. Then they completely died on me and will not connect and turn on. Better off investing in higher quality cameras

  3. walmart Customer

    Easy setup, easy use, great products

  4. sheela gros

    Easy to set up and install. The video quality is excellent.

  5. Joe

    The camera works great but I didn’t get the solar panel so I will be getting that. The battery on it has been very good, I have not charged it since the end of Dec when I purchased it.

  6. rebel

    bought 3 of these they all work real well. Had a problem with one later on and they worked with me to try to solve the problem but couldn’t get it fixed so they sent me a new camera with no hassle, thanks zumimal.

  7. Wild Rover

    Do NOT buy!!!! Just stopped connecting!
    I bought another product and have no problems!

  8. Harry P.

    I don¡¯t often order actual crappy items from walmart. I have never returned any item that I ordered. This included. Step 1 turn on- nothing. Step 2. Connect to network- nothing. Step 3 (2 hours later) finally turned it on by accident. Step 4 charge it up- several hours to charge fully. Step 5. Make sure video works- check. Step 6. Next day mount it on front porch. Step 7. Strip out Chinese screws. Step 8. Mount camera and turn on- nothing. Step 9. Reread manual and try to figure out the power on and reset function on camera-check. Step 10. Connect to network- again nothing. Step 11. Delete account. Step 12 delete app from home page. Step 13. Write review of the worst pos I have ever ordered from walmart. DO NOT BUY ANY topvision CHINESE CRAP.

  9. BOB

    You MUST have a smartphone for this camera to be of any use. I do not own a smart phone and not about to buy one just for one feature.

  10. Lytspace

    I have a topvision F5 camera, purchased in in August of 2021 and it works great, I really like it. The next three topvision F5 cameras bought just after Christmas 2021 on sale appeared to be the same. But these F5 cameras do not send alerts for motion or allow easy access to recorded videos! They do record videos when motion is detected, but the app says ¡°No videos available¡±. Motion event videos are actually recorded but there is no simple way to access them with a cell phone which defeats the one main reason for buying this camera. I emailed topvision support about this in detail multiple times including screen shots, serial numbers and differences in version numbers between my first and only fully functional F5. I was pleased to get a quick reply. However, the reply was a canned answer ¡°there is a problem with the SD and try a different one and format it properly.¡± They did not appear to have read or understood my email. walmart allowed me to replace those three F5 cameras with three new ones, I also purchased three new SD cards. I had the same problems with the three new F5 camera replacements. The firmware version number for the six ¡°problem¡± F5 cameras received in 2022 does not match that of the one fully functional F5 purchased in August of 2021. Several more emails and replies resulted in me being told they would push new firmware. After repeat emails, there was never a change in firmware version number and the problems were not fixed. topvision support also stopped replying to my emails. The F5 should be good basic security camera but it does not do what it is supposed to do and topvision support does not know how to solve the problem.

  11. Tabitha

    Cold weather kills batteries quick. One stopped working after a month

  12. walmart Customer

    Works well

  13. SO

    Tired and true product, I like it!

  14. John

    I now have two of these cameras with solar panels, very easy to install and operate as long as you read the instructions before attempting to set them up. topvision is a good product.

  15. Dan

    This is camera is great does what it is supposed to and gives me peace of mind while away from home

  16. Tanya

    Very clear !

  17. alvia malone

    This camera is well worth the buy. The night vision is clear and the motion detection is excellent. I highly recommend this camera.

  18. Unknown

    Good quality

  19. Catarina

    This camera is a great value for the price point. I had a small issue with the camera I purchased after 1 year. Customer service response was very fast and they replaced the unit immediately with an updated model. Great Service!

  20. Andy Isaacs

    I ordered 1 camera and it works perfect so I ordered 2 more cameras and they will not connect.

  21. Robert Marshall

    I purchased the wireless rechargeable camera in May 2021. It worked without issue until February 2022. The charging light stopped working and the camera would not activate anymore on my wifi. I emailed customer support and explained the issues. It took several emails to determine that the camera was malfunctioning. Those emails to customer support were answered within 24 hours. Upon determining the camera was dead several options were presented. Upon reviewing the warranty with customer support it was agreed my camera would be replaced free of charge. The support, quality of the camera and its replacement prompts me to give a five star review. They stood by their commitment under the warranty. Many companies here on walmart of late have failed to do the same.

  22. Tiffany D.

    Great camera! I use it yo check in on my dogs while away. It was extremely easy to set up and get started.

  23. Veronica Wertz

    I am a single female who lives by herself. This camera makes me feel so much more safe around my house. Thanks topvision!

  24. MIKE

    Have three set up, easy to set up. Buy the micro sd cards to get motion activated pics. Works. Tells you when camera is less than 20% battery which is handy.

  25. Susan P

    Provides excellent picture quality. The only thing I don¡¯t like about it is the battery life but they offer a solar panel for it so I¡¯ll try that.

  26. Terrance Clue

    Works wells and does as described

  27. Jordan Baluyot

    It was so easy to set it up and now I see all the movements from my house! Buy your topvision CAMERA before it¡¯s too late!!!

  28. M.H.

    I followed all the directions and this camera just doesn’t always capture motion. I have it set on 10 which is the most sensitive. I have it perpendicular to any motion. Capturing motion is hit or miss.

  29. donald

    sporadic notifications when field trespassed. no customer support!!

  30. smittyrock2001

    Perfect for my backyard. Pictures and videos are super clear. Love it.

  31. Allan Woodin

    I cannot say enough about this camera. I did not want or need an elaborate hard wired system here. The camera arrived, I charged up the battery and mounted the camera and was able to hook up to my wi-fi in no time. The battery life is phenomenal even in the cold Wisconsin winter here. Customer service is excellent. I highly recommend this. You cannot beat the value for sure! Very satisfied customer.

  32. Mary Baxter

    Love the night vision. Works great. Something was killing our chicken¡¯s so we set this camera up and first night caught critter. Of all things a couple of raccoons. Great. Keeps eyes on our birds.

  33. Ben

    It¡¯s a great camera, works perfect inside and outside of the home. Picture quality is great. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants a reliable great quality camera.

  34. Sharon Blazer

    I use my topvision security outside to monitor anyone who comes on my patio and to see the animals that visit at night. I live close to (5) acres of woods, so lots of deer. coyote possums and raccoons. I’m amazed it has such clear images and only is on when there is motion. I purchased the black one so it blends in with the wood. Do reccomend.

  35. Pedro


  36. RandomwalmartShopper

    We have purchased several of these devices, and have them around the house. They work well day and night. Picture quality in SD gets the job done, but when switch to HD it looks great. Motion detection is almost too good sometimes, and I wish the there was a zoning feature.

    We will continue to buy these and add to the security of our home.

  37. Laura E Gonzalez

    It¡¯s a very good tool
    Detects all movements on my back yard
    The picture quality is very clear

  38. walmart Customer

    The battery life is horrible! Needs full recharging after 3 days of all day usage!

  39. Juliana A Salinas


  40. Rina Senjobi

    Easy to install and set up, can set sensitivity of motion detection, good picture quality. Will probably get another one for back porch.

  41. Iris M Curry

    I love my camera. The image is crystal clear, day or night. Being able to do two way talk is also a plus. I definitely recommend this camera.

  42. Jason Rodriguez

    This product is pretty similar to a Ring. When my property management leaves flyers at our door. This camera picks up the movement and notifies! The night vision is also pretty nice. Battery life is pretty good. I only recharge MAYBE everything 3 months? And that¡¯s with the ever changing seasons in MN. I would recommend this camera for sure.

  43. Gita Lamichhane

    it senses motion and i like how it signals motion and send notification to phone texts.

  44. John

    Works well, discrete.

  45. debbie

    Great camera

  46. Blanca M Gregg

    This camera is amazing. Easy to install and set up, the monitoring is great and great resolution. I highly recommend this camera.

  47. walmart Customer

    Everything works as it should, video quality is great and they have long lasting batteries. Awesome night vision as well.

  48. David M Bubenik

    I bought my topvision last October to find out what kind of critter was trashing my crawlspace vent screens. It caught a skunk in the act on its first night. Problem solved. I knew what to tell the pest control guy to prepare for.

    Since then I’ve used it for general property surveillance. Prowlers can expect no privacy.

    It is well engineered and superbly built. Its battery goes for 2 weeks on a single charge. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  49. David justis

    It’s great

  50. Lily Rose

    If I want more cameras, I¡¯ll be getting more of these. It works great!

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