Security Camera, 2K WiFi Camera with Outdoor Night Vision, IP65 Outdoor Waterproof, PIR Motion Sensor, 2 Way Audio for Home Security System (Supports 2.4G WiFi Only)


(267 customer reviews)

UPC : 729808914615
GITN: 00729808914615Description:
100% Wireless Cameras: Built-in battery, the installation and the connection of the battery security camera are 100% Wire-Free, which gives you the added convenience of not having to deal with any outlets or tangled mess of wires.

With 130 degrees wide-angle, the surveillance range is convenient for outdoor and indoor use. Smart PIR Body Detection–PIR sensor detects mammals of about 37℃/98.6℉ and sends alerts to your phone.

With the two-way audio feature, the home security camera can also be used as a pet camera or an IP camera that allows conversation between the mobile end and the surveillance scene. Have fun interacting with your pet!

IP65 Waterproof: With great IP65 weatherproof performance, even in the rain, the camera works well. Temperature ranges from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C).

Infrared Night Vision: The 3 megapixel CMOS enables the camera to get 50% more detail than the 1080p camera. Built in two LED infrared lights, so that the camera can capture a clear picture at night, combined with PIR mobile detection sensor, 24-hour protection of your property.

Record and Playback: First, make sure that the camera has an SD card installed, and then turn on the motion detection function in APP. You can select the date you want to play back in the calendar of the playback interface, and then you can play the previous video in APP.

Easy to Use & Cloud Service–Exclusive App is available for download on GooglePlay and in the App Store for your use of the WiFi camera.

The intuition of the user interface provides a satisfying user experience while easing the pairing, recording, and browsing process. cloud service requires no personal data and protects surveillance videos with HTTPS Certified Security.

Storage : Support Micro SD Card Max 128 GB
Charger : Type-C power cable(Package Included)
Input / Output : Built-in Microphone & Speaker
Working Temperature : -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C)
Note: Only supports 2.4G WiFi, not 5G WiFi.

What’s in the box?
1 x Wifi Battery Camera
1 x camera Base
1 x Type-c USB Cable
1 x Screws Bag
1 x magnetic bracket
1 x Quick User Manual

1. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that please make sure the battery is fully charged before use.
2. If you have any questions about the operation of the security cameras, please feel free to contact us, we are already pleased to serve you at any time.



UPC : 729808914615
GITN: 00729808914615

267 reviews for Security Camera, 2K WiFi Camera with Outdoor Night Vision, IP65 Outdoor Waterproof, PIR Motion Sensor, 2 Way Audio for Home Security System (Supports 2.4G WiFi Only)

  1. fannie begay

    bought unit in July 2019, overall a good camera. Battery lasts about 3 weeks before it needs recharging.
    Night time images poor due to other lights in yard being on. will buy again, only this time with solar cell.
    Died in December 2020, unable to recharge because charging pin connector broke and fell inside housing

  2. Jennifer Salerno

    Motion detection could be a little better considering you pay for monthly cloud storage

  3. jose torruellas

    Easy to install, great quality, excellent alerts, and great video resolution, i am using it with a sd card for storage and it works perfect

  4. Tabatha

    I had purchased this camera in 2019 and it just up and quit holding a charge. I contacted the company and the customer service was the best I’ve ever experienced! They replaced my camera and it works great!! Would definitely purchase again!!

  5. Jason

    Bought multiple camera all work and they should. Excellent viewing at night time.

  6. C3Troop

    I set 4 of these up at my farm to be able to view my trailers, etc. These are extremely easy to set up, I mean you don’t even have to read the instructions because the phone tells you what to do. Picture quality is excellent and I’ve had some for over a month and haven’t had to recharge them. Well worth the money.

  7. Kiddmixx

    This is the third time I bought one of these security cameras and these things are magnificent they are probably to me the best ones that I have ever purchased.

  8. Unicorn 21

    Even though I don¡¯t get a good signal where I placed the camera, I still get a good quality picture/video during both the day and at night!


    Very convenient to charge

  10. FA

    WoW!!! This is the second camera that I purchased for our home it works very very well Dash the pictures very clear in the motion does exactly what it supposed to do. The set up is easy no problem mounting the camera was very smooth. I recommend this camera for your every security needs. :)))))

  11. walmart Customer

    Great product, picture quality is excellent, motion senser works well also works like an intercom. I would buy this item again. Battery life is good once charged overnight.

  12. Eric

    I have bought three of these – one for self, one for each of our kids. They work very well, both in daylight and at night. If there is any light around at all at night, we get a nice color picture. A really good feature is the history button. I can quickly see any motion that has caught the camera’s eye. The battery life is also great, as well as the quick setup!

  13. KP

    Camera is set up in animal pens, in barn for new babies on the way. We can monitor them from the house day or night. Saves a lot of trips back and forth. Working Great

  14. Daisy Solano

    Easy set up, clear images-day or night-, able to hear and speak to anyone outside, and the solar panels make life easier by never having to worry about recharging!

  15. The Griffins

    Great night vision, clear visibility, detects motion like it should. I would recommend this camera.

  16. george, Goldsboro, NC

    Purchased 1st camera about a year ago for my front porch. It worked so well that I purchased another for my back porch. Both cameras are very effective. The App display is nice and bright and the batteries last for months. For the price, you can not make a better deal.

  17. EAZY.M


  18. itsme

    The cameras are just as described!!!

  19. Luzamaza

    I bought 2 of those and 1 more after few days, amazing product, easy to install and set up

  20. Laundry

    I like everything of this camera

  21. Jessica Roberson

    I have bought several of these cameras over a period of time. I have about 10 of them at this point. It is mentioned that the cameras will be replaced if it¡¯s determined they do not work. I have found this to be untrue. Basically the company will email back and forth asking for pictures of the offending camera but never really do anything. I did get one offer for a percentage off of the camera but that¡¯s as good as it got. I¡¯ve had two cameras completely stop working even after properly charging them for an appropriate amount of time. The cameras that stopped working were only a few months old. As mentioned in other reviews I believe these cameras use a Chinese software so I wouldn¡¯t put these in my house for privacy reasons. My final review¡­.these cameras work okay for the price and are helpful in monitoring things that go on outside of your house but expect nothing from customer service and know that some of these cameras will not work after a few months.

  22. DP

    This camera works great! Holds a charge for months and months! Easy to set up!

  23. Judy L. Padilla

    I have already bragged to family and friends about this camera! The price is great for all the features!

  24. Cynthia

    I like this camera no problems at all the motion detection I like it because ur able to see perfect at night

  25. Chris C

    I have a few of these and I love them. I just recently added another to my setup. Some of them I use their cloud service which works well and is pet reasonably priced. Some of them I just an SD card. Both methods work great. I like the picture quality. Battery life is usually about 2-3 months between charges. I always recommend them to my friends.

  26. mark

    Use as back porch camera so WiFi signal is not the strongest. Charges via solar panel but that stopped working for some reason after a month. Recharged inside from an outlet and has been perfect since. Keeps pictures in a cue for motion detection. If you want video to be stored you need and SD Card or monthly storage subscription. I would and did buy again!

  27. Home is here

    Great Value

  28. Michael L. Landis

    The camera was really easy to setup and install. It does a great job, I installed it to monitor my driveway – which looks towards the road. It correctly picks up cars traveling on my street past my house, but I would like the ability for it to ignore that. I have a Wyze camera also – which has that ability – just wish this camera had the same.

  29. walmart Customer Tyrone Persaud

    Surveillance for my home.

  30. Tim Schultheis

    They seem good but one cam does not check in

  31. Ed Brickner

    I was a little skeptical because of the price but it has better battery life than expected. My family sets off the motion constantly because the camera is mounted right inside the hallway at the front door. It¡¯s has a reliable alarm notification and gas never lost the WiFi even when I turn it off for recharging. One issue though is it was supposed to come with a magnetic mount but didn¡¯t so when I have to recharge it it¡¯s a little of a hassle

  32. Karen

    I bought this camera mainly because of the advertised longevity of its battery. After installing it last Sunday, it is now prompting me to charge it. So instead of lasting {1-6 months battery life on a single charge}, it is lasting about 7 days. Will probably return it because of the inconvenience of the battery life. It records nice video and is easy to install.

  33. Victor Elvir

    They resolved the issue

  34. bubba

    Not 5G ready 2G only

  35. AngelaRose

    Very affordable and easy to set up and use. The battery does not last as long as they say. Mine lasted a month after charging fir a full day. Wish the picture was better.

  36. Hubert Ruggs

    Camera is great would buy again.


    That u can’t at it to other phone

  38. Erica Rafraf

    Picture quality is great, night vision is so clear, and motion detector works awesome. Love this product and customer service is amazing.

  39. Bob L

    Easy set up with app. These cameras can be used day and night and the images are good.

  40. Rick

    Seems to be of good quality and dependable. Motion detection takes some adjustment to work as you would want, but that is expected. One bit of advice is if installing on wood, do not bother with screws provided – they are not very strong so just get good ones yourself. Very easy to set up though even if not tech savvy

  41. walmart Customer

    I did not choose to subscribe to the subscription storage system. Instead, I attached a USB drive to the sync module to record clips. This was a feature that I liked. The sync module has failed to record clips on my attached USB drive. I contacted customer support and they have not been able resolve my problem. I am disappointed with this feature.

  42. Jackson B

    I have used this type camera previously at another residence with stellar performance. The only issue I have are the solar panels which don¡¯t appear to be keeping the batteries fully charged if at all. Other than that issue, all is good.

  43. c.h

    The camera is easy to set up. Motion detection could be better. The bracket is very strong. ,I chose the black camera, the color is beautiful.

  44. mlin

    Very good product the only thing is need to charge often

  45. DeeJ

    I have had this camera since Nov 9th I’m pleased with the picture quality and the app is easy to use. The one thing I don’t like is the battery life it doesn’t last very long at all.

  46. Mohammed Aldhamin

    The night vision is so bad on this camera as it took long time to get the motion detection on night. The resolution itself is good and it help but not all the time. The mail man some times drop the package and I don’t see the motion detection even if I increase the sensitivity on daytime . The good thing on this cam is the battery stay long with me almost 3 months for one charge.

  47. Brenda

    I did like the day pictures and the motion detector

  48. Brock

    Originally bought 2 of these cameras and mounted them outside on posts to cover the front and back yards. Motion sensors caught everything within a good range and night vision was actually pretty good. The app on your phone makes accessing the pictures/videos easy anywhere you are. One of the two cameras did stop working correctly after about 10 months, but the company responded immediately and shipped me a replacement at no charge quickly. It’s working great. Couldn’t be happier with their concern and follow-up.

  49. Alicia Neno

    Poor night vision quality and the app doesn¡¯t always allow you to view the footage. Very good audio quality. Notifications are on and didn¡¯t receive any alerts. Not happy with product. I am getting a refund and ordering a different camera.

  50. Rodney Cogbill

    Overall, this is a good camera that affords a lot of flexibility. It is wireless, compact, and easy to set up anywhere you believe you need it. You can choose between SD and HD, and the HD is very crisp and images are easy to view as if watching on TV. My only issue is with the night vision. While it does work, it is susceptible to any exterior lighting causing “spots” in the field of view. You can still see what is going on, so it is not a deal breaker. It is all about placement. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a quality camera at a reasonable price.

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